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Engagement Meal




Just so you know, it wasn’t my engagement meal (won’t be engaged for a while yet). My friend was engaged in November. I mentioned how I met with her a while ag, right? This time I managed to get a photo of her ring! She picked it herself. The middle stone is tinted blue (the flash kinda made it hard to see the blue, sorry).






She’s going back to England soon so we met for a meal tonight. It had been snowing all day so unfortunately one of our friends couldn’t make it =[



We sat in the area for customers who are waiting for a while since one of our friends hadn’t arrived yet due to the road around her area. That’s when I took the chance to take some photos:



I love these lights, they’re actually blue, pink and purple:







Part of the bar:





Our end was pretty full so I took a photo of the empty area:





We went to the new Stonebridge restaurant on the Armagh road. It’s nice inside. I sat and started trying to take sneaky photos ^.^’  I felt so under-dressed. I had my new lacy shorts on, black tights, ugg boots (couldn’t wear heels because I would probably fall in the snow and hurt myself if I wore them) and then I put on my pink bunny hoody because I was freezing. I did have a black top under my hoody so it wouldn’t look too bad if I took my hoody off…right?



Anyway, we spent ages chatting and laughing. It’s nice to catch up with everyone. The food was good too. Right now, the Stonebridge has an early bird deal. You could have 2 courses for £11.95. If you wanted 3 courses it was an extra £3 or something.



Of course, I got the 8oz steak. 8oz is a lot bigger than I thought. I did manage to eat it all though. It was topped with a huge mushroom, half a cooked tomato and diane sauce. I had a side of chips too. I took photos of a couple of our meals….mainly mine and Rachel’s because she was beside me and I didn’t want to look strange stretching about over the table trying to take photos ^.^’



The only thing I could say about the steak is that some of it was just fat so it was hard to cut…I could have done with a better knife. Overall it was yummy though.






Rachel had slow roasted pork on top of champ with what tasted like BBQ sauce and apple and cider sauce and a side of chips (no photos of chips because, let’s face it, what’s so nice looking about chips?):






For dessert, 4 of us got profiteroles. They were good. In the middle of the pile was a cream mousse. It was nice too.






Claire decided to have the bramley sponge:






So much for my diet, huh. At least I was on the treadmill this morning (my legs still hurt from it…) so I haven’t just done nothing today. Does hoovering/tidying the house count as exercise too because I did that straight after my treadmill/sit ups/push ups. Anyway, everyone the was at the meal tonight really made me happy. I love being around happy people. I found out my friends colours for her wedding too ^.^ Her and her fiance have merged their favourite colours (red and purple) and decided on burgandy. It’s nice how they decided.



We did take photos of ourselves so when my friend puts them on her fb I will have to take some to add to this post. I want to show you my friends. They’re lovely girls.



As much as I want to write about all of our antics, it would take far too long and I’m sitting like a stuffed turkey right now and very sleepy ^.^’



If you have anything you want me to right about, let me know, kay?



Byebye (^.^)/


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