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How To: Nail Marble




I had been curious about water marble nail art for a while so I finally decided to look it up. I spent ages watching videos and writing down what to do (in case I forgot). I found a video on DearNatural62s vlog. I sat and watched so many of her videos. Shes so happy in her videos. What I like about her videos is that she actually takes time to explain how to do the technique and shows herself doing it. Take a look through her videos for tutorials and idea for designs/colour combinations.



I decided to give it a try to so I bought the things I would need after work one day. I was so excited to try it out. I already had bunnies on my nails and I didn’t want to take them off (they had only been on for 1 day)  so I pestered by boyfriend until he gave in and let me use his nails to practise on.



When you’re going to do water marbling you need:


  • Masking tape
  • A small container (preferably round)
  • Nail polish (obviously)
  • A toothpick/cocktail stick or something to that effect
  • Cotton buds



When you’re doing this type of nail art, don’t have any fans or windows open close to you. The air will make the nail polish dry more quickly which will probably make it impossible to make the design with your toothpick (or whatever you decide to use. I ended up using a wood skewer earlier and it worked amazingly.)



Step 1:


Fill the bowl/container almost to the top with room temperature water. I tried using bottled water that I had left sitting (that was on my 2nd attempt and it turned into a disaster… maybe because I was sitting close to the fire). I think tap water just left for a little while works the best.



Step 2:


Paint your nails white. Painting them white makes the marble show up more. Choose your polish while your nails dry if you haven’t already chosen some. When your nails are dry, cover the area around your nails with masking tape. Try to get as close as you can to your nail. You’ll be dipping your finger into the polish so if you don’t cover your finger you’ll have a LOT of cleaning up to do on your finger.



Step 3:



Open all of the colours you want to use and have them sitting close to the water. You need to work quickly. Put one drop into the water. Let it spread a bit then add the next colour. Continue until you feel like you have enough circles. Make sure you stick to the same pattern with the colours e.g. pink, white, blue.








Step 4:



Here’s the fun bit. Grab your weapon of choice and start to make your design. Don’t try to pull from the very outside ring because it will most likely be dry and will end up sticking to your toothpick or w/e you’re using. Try to pull from one of 2 rings in. You can swirl or make lines. Anything goes. Keep going until you like it.








Step 5:



Choose the part of the design you like the most. Slowly dip your nail into it. Try to put your nail flat(ish) so that your nail gets the bit you like the most. As you dip further down you can straighten your finger. Take a cotton bud and remove the excess polish from the water, making sure you keep your finger in the water. It’s important to remove all the excess polish before taking your nail out because the excess polish will stick to and ruin your nail (which I had to learn the hard way ^.^’ )



Step 6:



Take your finger out and wait for it to dry. Add a top coat and you’re done ^.^



D.N62’s tutorial is here



Here are some of my attempts:



1st Attempt (on boyfriends nails):











I tried using glitter polish but it doesn’t work. Well, it does a little but it doesn’t really show up. most of them aren’t great but they’re good for my first attempt. I like the purple and white one. The purple is Teeny Bikini by HotShot…I think.



2nd attempt:











This was my disaster attempt. I think this nail was the only decent one. I don’t even want to show you how the rest of my nails turned out. ^.^’



My 3rd attempt:







I think this attempt was the best. I only did it a couple of hours ago. I think I like the design on my middle finger the most. There was still a bit of cleaning up to do in this photo but I had to take it while I remembered.



I used going (Starting from from my thumb to baby finger):


1.White (for French manicures) by Avon and a pink nail polish that I got in a set years ago. I have no idea what the name of it is.


2. Pineapple and Sunset from NV’s California Dreaming set


3. Blue Lagoon and Hula from NV’s California Dreaming set and the white polish by Avon


4. Purple is called Chinatown by NYC, I used the pink that I got years ago again and also the white polish by Avon


5. Blue Lagoon, Avon’s white polish and Pineapple from NV’s California Dreaming set



I think I’m going to keep these on and let my friends decide which on they like the most. I should probably do my other hand though since I’m going to my friends engagement meal tomorrow. What one is your favourite?



You need to test a lot of your polishes to see which ones spread the best. Thicker polishes will have problems spreading. A lot of it is trial and error like D.N says but that’s part of the fun ^.^



If you try it out for yourself, post some photo’s. I’d love to see your designs.



Byebye (^.^)/


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