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41-Piece Nail Art Kit




Chris’ mum showed me something that she found online earlier. We had been talking about nails and she suddenly remembered this offer. What offer? A 41-Piece Nail Art Kit  for only £35! It doesn’t sound that great but when you see how much is was selling for (£166.18) it is pretty good.



Of course, I had to go to look at this for myself. I ended up signing up for the site (it will e-mail offers to me daily). I guess I’m a sucker for buying things. ^_^’



In the set you get:


  • 5 x coloured polishes
  • 1 x French manicure trio
  • 2 x dangly nail charms
  • 3 x charms
  • 6 x nail art
  • 2 x stick-on nail bindi packets
  • 2 x nail art gem packets
  • 3 x chunky glitter packets
  • 1 x crystal rhinestone
  • 1 x top coat
  • 1 x striping tape
  • 1 x packet of dried flowers
  • 1 x packet of glass beads
  • 1 x packet of fabric shells
  • 5 x nail stripers
  • 1 x fan brush
  • 1 x dotting tool
  • 1 x stripping brush
  • 2 x glass dishes
  • 1 x tweezers
  • 2 x packets of nail foils



Right now, I have to try to convince Chris to use his card to buy me this….I wonder how that will turn out?



I’m stocking up on all my nail art bits and pieces so that I can practise lots because a woman in work is doing a nail bar for Comic Relief. She’s looking for a helper and someone in work had looked at my marble nails and said (quite loudly) “Oh you should help with the nail bar” so now I’ve been roped in.



I’m not sure when we’ll do the nail bar but hopefully it won’t be for a few weeks yet because I just bought a set of 24 nail art pen/brush things (y’know like the ones I’ve been using) and also some proper nail art brushes and dotting tools and they can take up to 28 days to arrive.



The offer on the set ends in 3 days so I thought I would share it in case anyone who loves doing nails would be interested in buying these.



Owh…Hurry Chris and finish your game so I can hassle you until you buy me this >.<



If anyone finds any great offers on nail supplies let me know please. I need to practise so I can be really good at nail art but first I will watch some anime.



Byebye (^.^)/


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