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Plans and Baking




Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to my friend’s house yesterday. We had made plans (she was still awake when I wrote to her the night before to see if it was too late to ask if she wanted to do something) only to find out that Chris’ car wasn’t here =[



We rescheduled and made plans for when I go to hers (I’m waiting on Chris to get ready and he’s taking FOREVER). She asked if I would do her nails and we’re going to watch DVDs. We were talking about what snacks to have with our movies and since I was in the mood to bake, I said I would bring buns. We spent ages talking and deciding. When we’re together/talking over fb it’s a non stop conversation for hours without realising.



I wanted to make cute buns and set off to the shop to buy sprinkles but of course, the shop didn’t have any. I settled on chocolate and speriment polos (sounds odd doesn’t it but it’s actually not too bad when it’s crushed and stuck onto the chocolate).



I know I have a recipe for buns somewhere on my blog but the last time I used bicarbonate of soda I nearly killed Chris and I didn’t really want to risk a repeat of that. I found a recipe that said all I needed was:



100g self-raising flour

100g butter

100g caster sugar.



It was so easy to make. I made plain buns to decorate on and chocolate buns for something different. I even spent ages making little flags to stick into the buns.



I attempted butter icing or something (followed the instructions on the back of the packet) but it did not turn out the way I wanted it to at all. Oh well, at least I tried. It’s still edible and fine…just not as nice looking. ^.^’



I decorated the buns anyway and chose the best ones to bring to my friend. I wanted to add the photo I took but it won’t send from Chris’ phone. I’ll have to add it to the post later if it decides to work.


*Update: photos*








Oh, Chris is ready so I have to go.



Off to my friends I go, nail stuffed packed and all. I’ll take a photo of her nails (if it turns out well) and add it when I finally get this phone to send all of my photos.



Byebye (^.^)/

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