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Visitng My Friend.




So, I told you how I was going to my friend’s house. Well, I got there almost an hour late thanks to Chris going to a far away shop to get petrol because it was 7p cheaper than the shop near us and then deciding to get food from subway…I was pretty angry. My friends dog used to terrify me but over the years I’ve gotten used to her. As soon as I got out of the car she started to run towards me. She knows not to go near cars (and Chris didn’t want to go up my friends driveway because he was afraid of hitting the dog) so she waited until I was half-way up the drive to run to me properly. She was yelping and howling all excited and kept trying to jump up. A dog jumping up is one of the most frightening things. I just told her to stay down and she listened…thankfully.



I rung the bell and waited…no response. I knocked the door in case the bell didn’t work. Still not response. I knew she had to be there but I had no money on my phone (well, Chris’ phone but my sim cards in it because my phone broke after Christmas and this time it’s not fixing itself) so I had no way of telling her I was there. After a few minutes I thought to myself “I wonder if her back door is open?” so I walked around to check. It was open. I opened it a little and slowly walked into the house. There was no sign of anyone being there. I felt like such a criminal walking in. I heard the T.V so I peeked in to find her brother sleeping on the couch. I didn’t know what to do so I kept walking up to my friend’s room. I could hear her music from halfway up her stairs. That explains why nobody answered the door. I knocked her bedroom door and opened it a little. There she was, grinning away like someone who had escaped from a mental institution. I told her that I had rung/knocked but nobody answered so I checked the back door and it was open. She laughed and told me it was fine.



We sat for ages, chatting and munching on the buns. She had little bowls of Haribo sweets and other snacks all set out. She told me she had them all sitting but then she had ended up eating half of it before I arrived. I did apologise for being late and she laughed and admitted that she thought I had forgotten that I was supposed to go. ^.^’



She took a look through the nail stuff that I had brought with me (I packed as much as I could into my Andrea Fulerton Salon Kit box) She decided that she wanted water marble nails. I had explained to her how to do them before but she thought she would mess it up. We spent ages doing her nails. She chose what she wanted done and told me to stop every time there was a part of the design that she liked. The first 2 nails turned out a little iffy but she said she liked them anyway. The rest turned out great. I did take a photo but of course, I can’t send them from this phone (turns out, you need money in your phone to send the photos as an email. Who knew) I’ll update this post with a photo when I can. Hopefully I won’t forget. She liked the nails so much that she took a photo to send to her bf. He txt her to say they were amazing and “mind pickling”. I had to laugh at that expression. It’s definitely not one I’ve heard before.



What did we do next? We dyed her hair. Neither of us had dyed hair in so long that we had forgotten how disgusting the dye smells. She actually began to cry because the smell was so strong. She had chosen to dye her hair a darker brown because a friend had told her she would suit it. As soon as she started to apply the dye we regretted our decision. The dye was coming out black in her hair. It was only supposed to be brown. We didn’t think she would have enough dye either but turns out there was just enough. Half-way through dying her hair, and just after mentioning how there was a girl who got dye in her eye and it made her eye swell, what happened? She squeezed the bottle and a tiny squirt flew into her eye. She started flailing about, shaking her head and squeezing the bottle. Splats of dye went EVERYWHERE. Her bathroom became such a messy scene. It even went up the walls and some managed to get onto her bedroom carpet. we were a little worried how her hair would turn out. She looked at me, hoping I would agree that it would be fine but I didn’t know what to say. Thankfully her hair turned out fine. It ended up just a couple of shades darker than it was before dying it. We both like the result.



Clean up time. We got onto the floor with pads covered in nail polish remover and scrubbed as much dye off as we could. It worked on the floor and cabinet but when she tried it on the wall what happened? The paint came off! She panicked so much. I suggested using white nail polish to try to hide the marks on the wall. “You’re a genius!” she said and ran to get white nail polish. She spent the next few minutes carefully trying to cover the dye marks. If anyone had walked in they would have thought something terrible had happened. It was funny though. The nail polish didn’t seem to work. Now she’s probably trying to think of a way to hide it ^.^’



Both of us do the silliest things. We are like the terrible two when we’re together. The amount of silly plans/ideas we come up with is unreal. That’s probably one of the reasons we’re such good friends. It’s great having someone exactly like you to hang around with. Even though we’re not ids any more we have as much fun as a child would on Christmas morning with all of their new toys.



In the end, we didn’t watch any DVDs but we did decide to have the sleepover (that we have been trying to plan since the summer) in a couple of weeks. I wonder if we will manage to pull it off this time. Each time we think of a week to have the sleepover something happens. I’d either be at work or she would have exams (life of a student, eh?) and then she ended up in hospital for an operation and was in too much pain for a month or so. I can see us staying up the whole night just like a child would at a sleepover.



Tomorrow, I’m going to another friends house to do her nails. I wonder what mischief we will get up to?



How was your day?



Let me know, kay?



Byebye (^.^)/


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