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Insuring A Car




On Thursday night, after coming home from my friends house, I saw Chris’ parents getting ready to go out. Where were they going? To view a car for me and Chris. That was the first I had heard about getting a car for us both. I didn’t know what to say. I don’t even know anything about cars so when the dad was telling me about what size of engine it had or something I just nodded. Sure, I have a lisence. Have I driven since getting my lisence? Not at all. ^.^



About an hour later a head popped into the living room. “You’re now the proud owner of a green Nissan Almera”. What?  I thought they had honestly just bought a car for us. I looked it up online and it doesn’t look too bad for a first car. Chris got home and was told the same thing. Turns out, they only put a deposit on the car and me and Chris would both need to pay £400 which isn’t too bad. I even got a bit excited thinking “I finally get to drive a car”.



Here’s where the problem is. Insurance. Insurance would be £2,200 so £1,100 each. Already there’s £1,500 on the car. After that I still need to pay for Chris’ Valentines day present (which he went ahead and ordered to the same price as the phone he’s buying me) my passport which will be about £100 AND my holiday. I then pay his mum £20 a week and after that I STILL have to pay for my ear-piercing course and kit which is another £120 at least. I actually got out the calculator and worked out how much I would be spending.  I’m not joking when I say “Goodbye life savings, hello empty bank account”



I told Chris and he was stumped as well. He doesn’t have a job because he’s at university and to be honest, his coursework takes up pretty much all the time he’s off uni. He can’t afford it either. Neither of us were asked if we could afford it at all. It was a complete suprise to us both. I understand that his parents might have thought it would be good because apparently a Nissan would be easier on fuel than the car Chris has atm and they have probably   most likely overheard us arguing over how he wants me to pay him my bus money for bringing me to work and thought it might solve arguments. After all, it would be me driving 90% of the time (to go to work and see my friends – Chris only drives to the train station to go to uni) so it would pretty much be my car and then it would always be there if I needed to go somewhere. At the minute, his dad will borrow the car on days I’m not working so if I wanted to see my friend I would have to make sure Chris’ dad knows not to take the car.



Not all hope is lost though! As I’ve been writing this, Chris has been a searching for cheaper insurance on Go Compare and Confused.com and he managed to get one down as low as £1110 so we would only be paying £555 each for insurance. I added everything up and now I’m feeling a bit better about it all. My bank won’t be quite so empty after paying for everything. If we get it down even lower I will be so happy. I’m suprised he even managed to find one as cheap as £555 because it will be the first time I’ll be insured on a car. I’m going to have to try to pick up extra hours in work to get more money too.



Another thing my friends and I had talked about was for me to paint nails for £5. It’s cheap for the person who gets their nails done and it would give me money to put towards my holiday (and to rebuild my savings). After I get qualified in ear-piercing I will go around doing that too. My friends already told me they would pay me to pierce their ears.




I’m going to have to work so hard over the next few months to get more money. Ah, wouldn’t it be great if I won the lottery…




Byebye (^.^)/


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