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If The Opportunity Arises




I’ve been hoping to find a full-time job for some time now. Even if I couldn’t get a full-time one, I was beginning to consider getting a second job. Now that I need more money, I definitely have to look around.



I found somewhere I would like to work. A Daycare Nursery. It’s in my area which is good but I need an NVQ Level 2 in Childcare. Straight away, I looked up that course. I’ve now emailed the woman in charge of the course to find out more information. I’ve always wanted to work with kids. I then found a part-time job on the jobcentre site which would be for teaching a 12-year-old with slight learning difficulties in their home for 10 hours a week (2 hours each night). I took down the information and continued my search. Next, I found a full-time job listed on the site. It’s for a care home. Turns out, Chris’ mum used to work there. What’s even better about it is that experience isn’t necessary because full training would be provided.



The closing date to apply for both job is in a couple of days so Chris has kindly told me that he will get me up to drop me off at the Job Centre in the morning on his way to uni. I’ll have to apply and get the forms handed in ASAP. I should probably find another phone to put my sim card in until my new phone arrives just in case I get a call offering an interview.



Working in a shop is fine…most of the time. It is a little boring though. There’s not much brain power needed to ask if a customer would like a bag after all. I want to something interesting that would help others. I’ve been wanting to work in that kind of thing ever since I left school so it must be something I’m supposed to do, right?




Fingers crossed I get one of the jobs at least.



I should go to bed so that I’m not walking about like a zombie tomorrow.



Byebye (^.^)/


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