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My Goal




I actually thought of this post last night. I always end up thinking of something to write as soon as I try to sleep.



My goal is to lose 10lbs before summer.



I’ve slacked off my diet lately and ended up gaining so much weight. It was only when I saw a photo of myself yesterday that Irealised just how much it was I had gained.



To be honest, I feel heavy just walking about. I want to get back to the healthier me that I was quite a few years ago.



I’ve decided:


  • No bread
  • No tea
  • No biscuits
  • No take outs (well, maybe something from the chinese that isn’t so fattening…every so often. Can’t eat millions and say yea it’s healthier it’s fine)
  • No eating after 8pm





  • Vegetables than fruit (fruit is higher in natural sugars than vegetables so vegetables are healthier)
  • Walk every day
  • Do more exercises such as sit ups/push ups to tone up as well as lose weight



I’ve realised that the treadmill is boring. You’re not actually going anywhere so what you see gets so boring. I have asthma too so running isn’t great for me.



I’m cutting out bread and tea because they both make me bloat up. Tea also dries out my skin and I get headaches when I haven’t had tea in a while (like an addiction. After being off it for a week or 2 you can notice how much better you feel). I won’t eat after 8pm because it will really just be snacks and I don’t really have a need to eat after 8 anyway because I have dinner between 6 and 6:30 which is enough to fill me for the night.



Has anyone any advice on what would be helpful for me to lose the 10lbs?



Let’s hope I stay motivated!



Byebye (^.^)/


2 thoughts on “My Goal

  1. I think dancing would be good just listen to music and kind of do exercise moves to keep motivated in the house!Try Crunches and Push Ups everyday or every other day! Good luck~

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