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Things Are Looking Up




I’ve been a good mood today. I started m day with a wee dance while I got ready for work (I was leaving the house at 6.30AM to travel to work) which put me in a good mood. I was joining in with the dance for this song:






Ah, not the full dance btw. Just bits. (0:53-1:06) Thank goodness nobody was awake to witness that ^.^’



I got pumped up before work with more music too. Work went fine as well. My shift went pretty quickly. I met with my dad/sister/nephews after work. I had forgotten about taking out the money for Chris’ valentines present until I saw my dad waddling over to the bank machine so I got it out. I got paid today. I actually got paid more than I thought I would get paid. It was a nice suprise. I saw my balance and a wee smile appeared on my face. Of course, I went straight back to the car to look at my payslip. Also, it means I have enough money now (if I save the rest of this pay) to pretty much cover the cost of the car and the insurance. I also paid for my ear-piercing course today ^.^ I still have to buy the actual kit but I can do that closer to the time.



I found out how much it would cost to use check and send for my passport (£8.75) so all I have to do now is find out how much my actual passport will cost and then I can send that off too. That would make it be 3 things off my list. Next will be my actual holiday and I’m going to go to the schools open day to find out more about the course I want to do. Things are pretty easy to sort out if you go to do them instead of just thinking about it.



We went back to my sisters with food for a few minutes. Dear love Anton, he held onto me and said “Not you” when my dad and I were about to leave. I told him I had to go home today but I’d come over again tomorrow. His wee face just looked so sad. He held my hand to go to the door then said “Run” and dragged me to the door ^.^ He recovered from the little bit of disappointment (from me having to go home) pretty quickly =]



I got a txt from my friend while I was out with y dad/sister/nephews (I got my new phone and I’m not joking when I say it took about 5 hours for me to figure out how to connect it to my wifi and get some applications installed) asking if I would like to do her nails tonight/tomorrow. We had talked about me doing nails for around £5 and she said I could do hers. She’s actually remembered about that so, I’m going to do her nails tonight. ^.^



Ok, I’m off to think of some designs I could do on my friends nails for her to choose from later. (It would make it easier because she kind of just leaves it to me and I’m afraid of doing something she won’t like)



Enjoy the rest of your day



Byebye (^.^)/


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