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Onesies and Kids




I’ve been so busy lately that I have hardly had time to come one here. Today, we bought our car. I won’t get insured on it until next month because it will cost less for me so for now Chris gets to drive about. To be honest I think it’s going to be hard to drive it. I just think it looks really long so I’m afraid to try it out. Anyway, I’ll leave that for another time.



On Friday morning, I babysat my nephews so my sister could go on her driving lesson. I brought over my Hello Kitty onesie so that I could have a pajama day with Anton. First I fed Callum who btw now likes to scream in your face. He was in a really good mood. So much so that even when I lay him on the rug in the living room he didn’t cry like he usually would. He happily rolled about playing with toys. I was pretty suprised.



Anton wanted to play a game on the Wii. We sat for ages while I taught him how to play games like fishing. He got really excited when he was able to catch a fish. He even said “Your turn” and handed me the remote. How nice ^.^ I took my onesie out of m bag and Antons face lit up. “What’s that you have?” he asked. I told him it’s called a onesie and that it was a babygrow for adults. He got excited and in a high-pitched voice said “Oooo!”. He watched me put it on over my clothes then got even more excited. Y’know how in Austin Powers the evil guy kinda makes his fingers curl? Well, he did that and said “OOOO!” in an even higher tone. I laughed and asked if he liked it. “Yes!”



We sat again and he said “Nattie has baby grow. Anton has one too” and pointed at his. He wanted to play a Mario racing game with me. He actually asked if we could play it so that he could be Mario and I be Luigi. I said OK but I had to find a second remote. We both looked for it but we couldn’t see it. I told him mummy would have to find it when she got home. He said “Mummy hurry up” The way he says things just makes me laugh. It’s the different voices he uses. He completed one lap of a track (after a long time and I’m pretty sure every other character had finished) then handed me the remote telling me to have a turn because I didn’t have a remote to play yet. How kind is that? Meanwhile, Callum continued to roll about playing with toys and laughing.



Soon enough, Katie came back so we got the remote. Anton and I spent ages playing. When we didn’t come in the top 3 in the cut scene that happens after so many races he said “Try again” and was able to get back to that exact track to try it again. He’s a smart kid. I could tell that he was tired because he kept clicking a track but then he would lie, cuddling into me and didn’t actually play the game. Soon, we went to his room and we were going to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He even lay on his bed beside me. Katie had already noticed I was tired and guess what? I fell asleep for 5 or 10 minutes. That had to be the best sleep I had in ages. It was only short but it made me feel so much more ready to be awake for the day after.



As the day went on, we played more and Anton went for a sleep. Callum walked about with me (all I have to do his hold his hands and off he goes. He pretty much flies along now) for a while and I helped feed him. Feeding him is so hard now because he keeps grabbing the spoon or bowl or pushing his bottle away. He tried to share his dummy with me at one point. He took it from his mouth and put it in front of mine. It’s nice that he knows how to share when he’s only 9 months old. I have now witnessed his bullying first hand though. He sat and tugged at Antons Thomas the Tank Engine onesie and wouldn’t stop even when Anton pushed his hands away. He had been leaning forward to get to me when Katie had him on her knee on the couch but Anton sat between us so I guess Callum decided to settle for annoying Anton?



I got a suprise during the day too! I was holding Callum and he was close to my face. He opened his mouth and leaned towards mine to give me a kiss! He has NEVER done that to me before. It was cute ^.^ It’s so nice when a child does that. It’s like “Aww you really do like me, yay!” He screamed at me at one point during the day too. In my face which I didn’t expect. It was funny though.



He’s already 9 months old. Over the last few months his personality is really showing. He has 6 teeth through now. His teeth are coming pretty quickly.  I remember him only being a tiny baby so it’s strange seeing him with teeth. I have to watch out when I’m holding him now because one minute he could be cuddling into me and the next these teeth sink into my skin.  At least I know what to be prepared for because Anton has done it all when he was a baby.



For some reason, Anton had mentioned he wanted to go to my house on Tuesday. It’s weird that he even said he wanted to go on a certain day. Both Katie and I didn’t really think that much of it last Thursday when he first said it but sure enough, while I was babysitting on Friday he said it to me again. This time it wasn’t “I want to go to your house on Tuesday” it was “I’m going to your house on Tuesday”. I wonder if he will remember it on Tuesday? He has school that day though and I don’t think he could walk as far as my house so he probably won’t get to come. Hopefully he won’t remember though so that he won’t get sad.



Anyway, I’ve been busy all day and now its 1:38AM so I need to go to sleep. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to stay awake until this time. Now, bed is calling!



Byebye (^.^)/


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