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Trip to Town




I was planning to go out this morning but when I looked outside…it was pouring! It actually looked a bit like snow because there were patches of white on the ground but tbh I think it was hailstones. I decided to catch up on anime and eat while waiting for it to stop. After it stopped I walked to town. I HAD to go no matter what today. Chris and I decided that we needed a calendar since we have the car now. Having the calendar means I can write my work hours on it for him to see so that he knows when I’m at work and if he will need to pick me up or drive me to work. After I get insured on the car it will also let us know when the car is available for each of us to drive.




Of course, it began to pour down. It was so windy too but my umbrella put up a good fight. It did get bent out of shape at one side but it didn’t break so I will keep it. It’s a super cute umbrella too so I don’t want to get rid of it ^.^’



Anyway, I ended up buying more nail polishes….7 to be exact. I really can’t help myself when I see nail polish. I bought 5 in Poundland:



2013-02-04 16.30.13

Chit Chat nail varnish  (left-right: Gold, Crimson, Rio, Silver, Violet)



and 2 in Semi-Chem:




2013-02-04 16.27.47

NYC Rock Muse. I just loved this one when I saw it. It looks good when you apply it (I tested it out as soon as I got home)



2013-02-04 16.28.05

NYC Bowery Black. I hadn’t noticed the it kind of sparkles when I was in the shop. I tried it out when I got home and it looks pretty cool too. It does sparkle a bit on your nail.



I thought to myself  “Ok, don’t buy anything else, you only came to town to post something and find a calendar. You don’t need anything else”…but since when does that way of thinking ever work? I ended up spying some 3D Nail stickers in Poundland on my way to the checkout so I thought I would give them a try too.



2013-02-04 16.31.14



They might not be that good but I won’t know if I don’t try!



I did get a calendar btw. It was redcued to 50p in Poundland.



I’m off for the next 2 days so I’ll probably try something on my nails. I’ve given them a bit of breathing time so they should be fine it I paint them now…right?



I think I might read for a while.



Byebye (^.^)/


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