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Craigavon Lakes




While I wait for people to help me on Candy Crush Saga (Chris’ mum got me interested in this fb game) I decided to write another post.



On Thursday, Chris and I decided to take Diesel for a walk round the lakes. We only went because I kept saying I wanted to drive (which I can’t until I’m insured …hurry up March!) and he was probably sick of listening to me so he suggested the walk.



Diesel jumped straight into the car. He whined the whole way to the lakes though. I had to put my hand into the back of the car to stroke him to shut him up. Chris said he would have been too big for in the boot of the car (he’s not because he was in the boot on the way back because he walked through mud and there’s no way mud is getting onto the seats in our car)



It was so much colder than it looked! I’m glad I decided to take m scarf and gloves. I wore shorts, leggings and ugg boots so I was still chilly though. I thought I would test out my camera on my phone while we walked round. There are 2 lakes. We decided to go round the lake we hadn’t gone round before so I pointed the way…worst decision ever. I have NO sense of direction. It took me 11 years to be able to direct someone to my friend’s house. Diesel decided “Ooo this nature trail looks fun, let’s walk this way” so Chris go dragged through the muddy path. I stuck to the proper path, music in my ear, singing and walking with a bounce in my step. What I didn’t know was that there was a man walking nearby who was watching me. Bet he wondered what I was on ^-^’



Chris with Diesel. Path on the left is our usual path. We went straight ahead this time:2013-02-06 16.41.54



The usual path we take was covered anyway:

2013-02-06 16.42.51



We got a bit lost. There was a sign pointing towards Tannaghmore Gardens which also said Craigavon Lakes. I decided that the sign was wrong so we went in the opposite direction. Where did we end up? Back at the 1st lake. Oh well. It was already getting a bit darker and we had felt a bit of rain so I guess it was ok to just make do with the usual lake.



Taking a break for Diesel:

2013-02-06 17.13.44



It was nice walking round the lakes. Diesel was happy to be walking about but we kept him on the lead because if he was loose he would definitely have tried to go for a swim. I say swim but he would probably just sink. He’s not the smartest dog. He took an interest in the swans we saw. I stood trying to take a photo of them for ages. They started swimming closer and looking at us as they were coming after us. Needless to say we left before finding out if they were doing. Getting chased by a swan is not something I want to experience.



2013-02-06 17.22.36



We made it back home just in time for dinner which is always a bonus. ^.^



Next time we will follow the sign I think. I want to see how long it would take to walk the other lake.



I’ll leave you with a picture of the lake



2013-02-06 17.07.27



Byebye (^.^)/




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