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Shinsekai Yori : Ep 19




I’ve never been sure if I liked this anime or not because for a long time, it didn’t make much sense. This episode scared me a bit ^.^’



The queerats have always been creepy. I hate looking at them. Even their squeaky language is creepy. I did wonder why they went to war because they would easily be wiped out…even though they had been studying human things like building and weapons (which we saw episodes ago in case you have forgotten). Now it’s pretty clear. Theres a crazy dude running about. I can’t remember what they’re actually called. Some kinda demon thing is it?



Anyway, watching this episode was good because it made me scared. That’s what made me decide that I like this anime. I had to cover my eyes when the thing was coming back round for them. Why were the 3 people in the hospital kept alive as hostages though? That’s what I want to know. Everyone else was killed so it’s a bit strange to keep these 3.



I think the thing that’s chasing and killing everyone is Mamoru. I know the council said that both Mamoru and Maria were definitely dead but I’m not so sure. I think the queerats helped them and that’s why they went to war – with that person on their side they would be safe and pretty much guaranteed to win, right? All of that and the fact that the Giant Hornets were wiped out even though they were much superior to the army they were fighting.



What I can’t wait to see is how will Satoru and Saki escape now that they’re being followed by the guy. Clearly the women they left behind is dead. Maybe Satoru will act as a decoy to try to get Saki away safely?



What’s your thoughts on it all?


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