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Well That Was An Eventful Trip To The Chinese



So, Chris and I went to collect our order from the chinese earlier. I didn’t want to get out of the car so in the end he went in and left me in the car (Yay, I don’t have to look so greedy because the same woman is behind the counter every time and she knows me so well that as soon as I walk in the door she gets my order.)



I was sitting, minding my own business txting my sister and the next thing I see is this car reversing…INTO THE SIDE OF MY CAR. The person in the car hit the area where the front passengers wheel is. I was in that side of the car btw but luckily it wasn’t bad enough to hurt me. It was bad enough to actually make the car move though. As in my side tilted a bit and then went back to the ground. The man in the car paused, drove back out and parked beside me. I stopped txting and put the mans licence plate in my phone. I wrote the make of the car too. Couldn’t get an exact model though. I just sat staring, waiting to see what would happen.


What did he do? He got out looked around and walked on towards the Chinese. He saw me in the car and he turned straight back to his car, got in and drove off! I tried to look to see where his car was going incase he was trying to park somewhere else (which btw he was) and I got out of the car to look at the damage. Theres a dent and scrapes. I looked around to see if I could find his car but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what to do but then I saw the man standing in the Chinese. I went straight in and told Chris to give me the car keys. I didn’t want to risk my car being stolen too. After coming back into the Chinese, I said (loudly enough) what happened. I had to make sure it was definitely the same guy the had hit the car. The man didn’t seem too bothered until Chris asked if I stopped the person. I replied “I took his number plate and stuff”. As soon as the man heard it he very speedily left the Chinese. “That was him” I told Chris as soon as the man left.



Chris RAN after the man. He actually told me later that the man was running down the street when Chris left the Chinese to go after him. Luckily, Chris managed to get the man and they came back to the Chinese together. The man told me that he “wasn’t doing a runner” and that he “didn’t know” that he had hit anything because he “didn’t feel it”. Really? I was there. I saw his reaction to hitting the car. He also told Chris that he had seen a ‘wee girl’ in the car’. Yes, that was me, watching your reaction and getting your details you silly man. If he ‘didn’t know’ he had hit something he also wouldn’t have been “going to check his car” which is his excuse when he ran off.



We got his number before we left. Clearly that man was trying to get away. Good job I stayed in the car to witness it. There’s no way we’re paying for the repairs. We told Chris’ parents and they told us to phone the police to report it in case the man tries to back out because of what his behaviour was like. Also, he smelt a bit like he had been drinking.



Anyway, Chris has reported it and the police have the mans contact details and have told us that he can’t back out of paying now. We won’t know the exact damage to our car until the morning when we can see it in daylight so we’ll have to contact the man then. It’s a good job I went along with Chris to the Chinese and that I didn’t get out of the car. We haven’t even had the car a full week yet and already there has been an accident. It’s amazing the people who try to wriggle out of taking responsibility. How on earth did he think he could get away with it even after seeing me? Maybe he thought I was a kid and that I wouldn’t have been smart enough to take his licence plate or anything. Who knows. Well, hopefully everything gets sorted soon. I haven’t even gotten insured on the car yet. I honestly thought it something would happen to the car it would be from me hitting a kerb when I’m parking or something. Ah, hopefully that never happens though.



Anyway, that’s all my news for now. I have to get up for church in the morning so I’m off to bed!



Night (-.-)zzz

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