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Pancakes and Manga




Who made pancakes yesterday? Chris was away all day so we decided that we could make them today instead….after he gets home (which I hope is soon because I’m hungry and have to start work at half 5)



We’re using a mix from a bottle. It says to add water but I think milk would work better,no? I’ll have to see how they turn out later.



Anyway, I haven’t really bothered to blog for a couple of days. I’ve been glued to my manga again. I’ve just finished reading Watashi ni XX Shinasai. Actually, I read it ages ago but new chapters were released since then and because I;ve lost my list of manga’s that I;ve read, I started it all over again. I did remember a lot of it though so I read it pretty quickly.



I wish another chapter would come out. I do like this manga. I like the girl…she kind of reminds me of Misaki from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. She’s quite dense isn’t she. She didn’t even realise that missions are different from actual love. I’m interested in seeing what happens now that she’s realised and now that Shigure’s brother has his eyes set on her as his next target. I think she’ll somehow win him over and turn him into a nice guy. It’s how most manga’s go after all.



Other manga that I’ve read lately are:


  • Orange Marmalade (which I wasn’t too fussed on in the beginning because of the way it’s one long page … most of the time.  I did end up liking it though so I’ll wait for the next chapter)


  • Charming Junkie: I loved it. It’s like Beauty Pop.  I want to buy it. I say buy but really I want Chris to buy it for my birthday (even though that’s a long time away)



I’ve probably read more but I’ve already forgotten the names of them. I’ll have to look up my internet history to get the names of the others.



Hmm…what should I read next?




I have plenty of time left before I have to get ready for work so I’ll find something to read. I need to take my mind off my grumbling tummy too.



Ah, Chris’ family are just away to town. Maybe I’ll watch anime without my earphones. Choices choices….




Have you any recommendations for anime/manga?


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