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Busy Busy Busy




I’ve not been that well lately. I think I’ve got a bug. If I eat it makes me feel sick but I haven’t really had an appetite anyway. I wasn’t really hungry but Chris’ family had booked a table at The Head Of The Road (I still have no idea how to get there. It’s honestly in the middle of nowhere) for Friday evening as a treat for Valentines Day (one day late but that’s fine). Getting there was interesting. I can honestly say that I will NOT be driving with Chris’ dad in the car. Worst passenger ever. It was funny listening to him nit-picking at his daughters driving and his reactions to her going over bumps and round corners. The meal was OK. Chicken kinda tasted like it was a microwave fillet. It was supposed to be pan-fried but who knows. The chips weren’t all cooked fully either. I did like my peppered sauce though.



What I couldn’t stand about the place was how the manageress or w/e she was. She was coming in and out of the room to the other 2 tables (there were 2 couples in the other corners of the room) and actually SITTING down beside them to talk to them and joke about their food. I heard one woman asking her to get a different steak because she was given one that was too pink and still had blood in it when she had asked for medium/well done. They started joking about how there could be horse in it. I’m sorry but who wants to hear something like that in a restaurant? She was too close to faces too. She came to check on us and bent down so close to our faces that I had to look away. I just hoped she wouldn’t come near us again. Thankfully she didn’t. I don’t mind a friendly waitress but this woman was over-friendly. Shouldn’t there be a limit to how friendly you can be to a customer?



Yesterday, I did the nail bar yesterday after work (I worked 9-1 then went straight out to help and we finished around 5pm) so I came home with the worst headache. I actually ended up sleeping for a couple of hours because I felt so bad with the headache. It was so bad that I kept almost being sick.



Anyway, We raised around £131 yesterday and one of the girls did it again today. I wonder how much she was able to raise…I’ll have to find out later.



One thing I learned from doing the nail bar is that I am nowhere near good enough to be charging people yet. Compared to the other 2 girls I suck. They had designs that looked simple but they were so hard to do. I honestly couldn’t do them. One lady went for a simple design. Both her and myself were pleased with the result because I hadn’t tried it before. She even let me take a photo.




2013-02-16 15.50.07



Our table:



2013-02-16 16.52.42



I should have taken a photo of the sample designs to let you see what they were like. Oh well.



I got a letter yesterday too. Chris and his mum had been dying to look in it all day and Chris was pretty much trying to make me open it even though I told him I would later (because of my awful headache). I ended up opening it and got a good suprise. I have an interview at the end of the month! I’m hoping I get this job because it will really help me get the experience I need for jobs like this one in the future after I do the childcare course. (I’m still waiting to go to the open day to get all the information about the course and apply then)



Today, I was on crèche duty in church. It was so fun. It tired me out but I don’t mind that at all. It’s great being able to make kids feel at ease away from their parents and help them to have fun. I met me dad, sisters and 2 nephews in town after for a bit. Anton looked so grown up! His hair was spiked up and all. I found out that B+M have a set of 3 polishes and a dotting tool for something like £1.99 and a set of polish and nail caviar with a funnel for maybe £2.99? I can’t remember the exact prices but I’ll be having a wee trip there when I get paid. Since there wasn’t enough room in the car, I stayed in town until dad dropped my sisters and nephews off. I decided to look in the window of a shoe shop and I found something nice.



2013-02-17 14.18.39



I probably wouldn’t be able to walk in them but I do like the navy pair and the pink with white spots and bow. I like how there are bags to match. Callum’s Christening is coming up so maybe I’ll treat myself to a new pair of shoes…I can always find a dress to go with them too.



Oh yea, one of the women I talk to in church gives me sweets every now and then. Today she gave me a perfume and sweets. I wasn’t expecting it at all. It was supposed to be for Christmas but we had missed each other quite a few times lately. She got a new car so when we did see each other she didn’t have these with her. She’s a lovely woman. Very friendly. (I’m not just saying it because she gives me presents, she is genuinely lovely) Chris is munching away at the after eights right now. He’s happy when I bring home sweets. He’s kinda like a big child.



2013-02-17 21.20.34



That’s pretty much it really. I had a few busy days so now I get to relax until I go to work again.



I’ll make a proper post about something soon.



Byebye (^.^)/


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