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More Time With My Nephews




I spent yesterday at my sister’s house. I haven’t been going there are often lately. Partly because I wasn’t well and didn’t want to make her or my nephews sick and also because I had been busy.



Callum smiled as soon as he saw me. He’s changed so much. He looks like a completely different child compared to when he was a couple of months old.



I played with Anton for a while. He was in stitches when I grabbed him and spun him about. His laughs funny. Its one of those really happy laughs that makes others want to laugh. I made Callum a bottle. Usually he’s so awkward to feed because he constantly pushes the bottle away and moves about in his high chair but he drank it all quickly without pushing it away. I was pretty suprised. Anton told me he wanted noodles. Only noodles. Nothing else. I had tried to offer him a sandwich and told him there were no noodles (a lie) but he said “There is. It’s in there!” and pointed to a cupboard. Theres no tricking him. In the end I made the noodles. I didn’t think he would eat them because he had already eaten a while before but he ate quite a bit. Katie had come back downstairs now so he asked her if he could have a suprise. A suprise is a treat from the ‘suprise box’. It’s full of sweets. He get’s one if he sits at the table properly and eats a lot (most of the time all of) his dinner. It was early but she said ok.



He picked out 3 of the same thing straight away. One for him, me and his mummy. He asked if I would like this and gave it to me. I love what he gave me. Do you remember candy sticks? It was a box of those. It’s good that he thought of giving both of us something. He knows Callum doesn’t get any because “he’s just a baby”. Callum was sleeping so we were able to sit and talk for a while. Every now and then Anton would run in and jump between us as played. Anton was wrecked. You could see how tired he was in his eyes. He told us he wanted to go to bed. It was far too early for him to go to bed so we had to take his mind off it.



We decided to go on a walk. We asked Anton if he would like to go for a big walk in the pram. He wanted to walk by himself. Usually he will walk but this is a 2 mile walk so he has to go in the pram. We got both boys ready and off we went. It looked nice outside but it was freezing! I was glad I bought my scarf and gloves. Walking with someone makes the walk seem to go more quickly. The fresh air made my sister feel a bit better too.



Anton had fallen asleep during the walk so my sister had to wake him when we got back. He’s not the most happy person when he gets woken up (then again, who is?) so I left that task to my sister. I had Callum on my knee for a while but he just wanted to stand and move about. He kept grabbing everything close to him. He actually ended up sliding himself off of me so that he was standing on the floor. He held onto my hand and looked about, making noises as if he was trying to talk to me. It’s so strange to see him doing things like that.



Feeding time again. I can’t believe how much Callum eats! I gave him a fruit pot while Katie dyed her hair. Going to her house gives her a chance to do things she wouldn’t normally have the chance to. Anton was lying by the T.V watching something, still half asleep. While she waited to rinse the dye from her hair, she came down and gave Callum a banana. I had thought of giving him one but I didn’t know if I should because I had already given him a couple of organic baby snacks. I have on idea what exactly they’re called but it does say organix on them. Anyway, she didn’t even have a chance to cut the banana up. Callum took a huge part of the banana and just started eating it. He doesn’t wait for food. He grabs it as soon as he can ^.^ He sat eating it happily then turned to me and put it close to my mouth as if to ay “Have a bite”. I took a bite and he smiled so much. It was as if he was so happy that he was able to share his food. He took another bite then shared with me again. I had told him to eat it himself but he wasn’t satisfied until I took a bite. In the end I went into Anton so that Callum couldn’t keep offering me the banana that was now covered in drool. Anton got a strawberry from Katie  and came straight into me to ask if I would like a bite of it. He really thinks of others. I had already given him a bap with ham and 2 yogurts. (They’re like petit flious if you remember those). He hadn’t eaten much of them. He did open the yogurts and had a spoonful. Katie and Callum came in (her hair was done) and Callum went straight for the yogurts. Anton shared with him. It’s so good that they can share. I ended up getting Callum his own yogurts.



While Katie rinsed her hair, Anton helped me to change Callum’s nappy and told me “Callums babygrow’s all dirty. I get you a new one. Here” and handed me trousers for him. He must not have realised it wasn’t a babygrow ^.^ We played for a bit while Katie dried her hair after rinsing the dye. Anton decided I was going to be a slide and said “Let’s slide!” and attempted to slide down the back of my legs that were hanging off the bed. I had to try my best to keep him from doing it because I thought my knees would get hurt.  We all went back downstairs for a while until Callum went to bed. It was almost Antons bedtime too. He watched Fireman Sam before bed. He lay on the couch cuddled into me until he had to go. Katie and I sat chatting for a while until Chris came to get me. I was wrecked by the time I got home. It really passed my day. I love spending time with my sister and nephews so being tired was worth it.



I actually can’t remember if everything happened in that order and I’ve left parts out (I really have a bad memory…)  but it’s pretty much what we did all day.



I’m going to go and finish getting ready for work. I don’t start until 5:30 but it’s better to be ready soon so that I can just get up and go when it’s time to leave.



Byebye (^.^)/


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