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Cute Things Kids Say




I babysat my nephews on Friday night so that my sister could go to the cinema. Callum was already in bed so Anton had all of my attention.



He was tired but he seemed too happy to see me to go to bed. I taught him how to cut bread. He told me he had wanted bread to go with his soup so I gave him some but then he said he wanted it cut. I said O.K and began to cut it up. He was watching so intently then said “I want to try”. I let him try but he ended up just making the butter come off the bread and left marks in the bread. “It’s hard to do” he told me with a sad look on his face. I told him we could do it together. I showed him how to do it then we held the knife together and cut. One slice. Two slices. “I did it!” He was excited to be able to do it.



We chatted about what he had done on Friday (went to the swimming pool). He told me stories about having sweets and sharing them with mummy.



We played for a while on my phone. I have a game called Ant Smasher. He had suddenly asked to play it out of the blue. Actually, what he said was “I want to play the ladybird game!” and pointed to my phone. I had to tell him I don’t have a ladybird game but I do have an Ant game. He corrected himself then we sat playing it. We took turns.  I couldn’t believe how good he was at the game. He’s only 3. Everything was going well until he wanted to touch the bee’s (if you do, your game ends). I got to the level where a huge red ant appears so that I could show him it. “It’s a big big red daddy ant!”. He spent ages trying to get it to appear again. He wouldn’t let me help him do it. “I’ll show you” he said.



Eventually, I asked if he wanted to get his jammies on. “Yea, in a wee minute” He was glued to the game. I managed to get him to pick out his jammies upstairs. “We change  downstairs” he said and off he went.



To be honest, I was expecting him to cry and scream but he was pretty good when he was getting changed. He showed me how he can unzip his top and take off his jeans. I used that opportunity to hide my phone because I knew I wouldn’t get it back or get him to bed if I tried to take it when he was paying attention to the phone. The look on his face when he looked to where he had set it was so funny. It was a really confused look. He started looking round him then looked at me and shrugged saying “Where’d your phone go?” I tried so hard to keep a straight face. “Oh! I don’t know, where did it go?”



He tried to take off his t-shirt but got a bit stuck. I had to laugh. “It’s a bit hard to do. You show me” he said. He let me put his jammies on him easily. The only thing he said was “Keep my socks off”. He hates wearing socks lately.



He started playing with a wee toy that he calls Spider Man. He said “Spider Man says” then made noises as if he was shooting a web. He’s funny to watch. He kept telling me that he misses me and Chris and then mentioned Kate too. He hasn’t seen my friend Kate in ages. He was in love with her the day he did see her. He ran and got Callums car seat and brought it to me. “This is Callums. You mind it for him”. Next, he brought over a toy and again said it was Callums and to mind it. It’s cute how he’s always thinking of his little brother.



I got Anton to sit on my knee and told him about Mothers Day. He sat listening perfectly. I asked if he wanted to buy something for his mummy. “Yea!” I asked what he would like to buy her. “Ehmmm, a big big train for her to ride on” and pointed to his toy. Maybe he thought she would love one because he likes that toy. I told him we couldn’t get that and suggested something else. I can’t say what because my sister reads my blog but he loved the idea and he told me what colour. I asked why that colour and he said “It’s mummy’s favourite colour” with a wee shy smile. It was so cute. We decided to get the thing I mentioned and I asked if he would like to go to town with me to pick something himself. “Yes. And you buy me something and Spider Man something …and Callum!”  I laughed. whenever he see’s anyone he always asks “Did you bring me a suprise/present yet?” Ehm no. I don’t want to spoil him ^.^’



He seemed so happy about the idea of buying his mummy a present. What I didn’t expect was his next sentence. What was it? “Will you be my mummy too?” I didn’t know what to say. I was happy that he likes me enough to ask if I would be his mummy too but at the same time I felt bad. I told him I couldn’t be his mummy but I can (am) his auntie. He just looked at me so I told him that an aunty means we get to play lots and do lots of fun things and I’ll be his friend too. He thought about it for a minute then jumped on me (Spider Man jump! aka crush Natalie’s legs) and hugged me and said yea.



He made me read 2 books to him. I asked if he wanted them read in his bed but no. “Read them downstairs”  That child knows how to play it so that he can stay up longer. I told him after the 2nd one was read we would go to bed. He said O.K but halfway through the 2nd book he said “I’ll read to you” and started trying to read to me from Callum’s toy (the one he told me to mind earlier. it’s a caterpillar book with nursery rhymes in it. You press a button and it sings the rhyme)



I finally managed to get him to bed. “Uh oh. There’s a mess on my bed” he said (sounding very happy about that) “There is, we have to move it” He would NOT help. “You do it” he said and for every bit of space I made I saw him creeping into it. At least he was getting into bed. He made me press the button to play his DVD then I tucked him in. “Read me a story” We had brought one of the books I read downstairs up so I read that. “Now the Thomas one”. “I don’t know where it is sweetie” I lied. “You read it to me downstairs. You left it there.” Why does this child know so much? I got it and read him it. “Promise you will go to sleep when the story is over?”  “I promise I will try”. He wanted the ‘magic’ done on his nose so I stroked it a little. He told me he missed Mummy and Daddy and Callum. I said it’s O.K, Mummy and Daddy will be home soon and Callums in his room sleeping”



I gave him a kiss goodnight and told him I love him. “Love you” he replied. Isn’t hearing a child say that so cute?



I began to read my book (the scary one) when I heard something. It was Anton in his room, playing with toys. Scared me enough to stop reading my book though. At one point he was talking and singing to himself in his sleep. I actually watched when he was talking to himself. He sat straight up waving his arms about saying “No” then flopped right back and rolled over. It’s funny to watch but if you’ve been reading a scary book downstairs and heard it you wouldn’t think it’s just as funny. He woke up and started calling for me saying he wanted to see something. I asked him what it was and he wanted me upstairs so I went. What was it? His DVD had finished and he wanted to see it again. He had pressed the button himself by the time I got to his room. “I did it myself!” he said happily. Very good, go to sleep” I whispered. “I want tucked in again”. I tucked him in and told him to go to sleep this time. “Ok, I’ll try. You go to bed soon too. In your house” he said. “Yep, I’ll go to bed when Mummy and Daddy get back home” Finally he fell asleep.



I ended up tidying away the toys downstairs and sat watching T.V until my sister arrived home. I actually checked on Anton at one point to make sure he was still asleep. Thank goodness he was. Callum made a noise as if he was waking up. I had checked on him but as soon as I heard him making that noise I disappeared from sight. If he opened his eyes and saw me he probably would have woken up properly. I didn’t want that because if he was awake I thought he might end up grumpy the next day and that wouldn’t be too fun for my sister.



Anyway, that’s it for now. I’ve to get ready for work so I will write more later.



Byebye (^.^)/


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