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My Day Off, Preparing For My Interview and Dead Scared




So, today I was off work. I decided I would get ready for tomorrows interview. I have looked around their site and looked over what I wrote in my application form so I could re-fresh my memory. I know where my outfit is and I’ve removed the remains of my pink polish. I’ve thought of questions I’d like to ask and what I might be asked. You can tell how much I want this job, can’t you?



Of course I did other things today as well. I did some washing and tidying. Made food and did the dishes. The bed sheets just need put back onto the bed now. Chris won’t be home until 10 or 10:30 tonight so I still have at least an hour to use his desk to put my laptop. Thing is, it’s a bit high and even with the chair pumped up as high as it can go, my I have to tilt my head upwards to see the screen. Maybe it’s just because I have a short body. Either way, it’s not the most comfortable of places.



My lunch was 2 vegetable skewers and baby potatoes. I was going to add chicken to my skewers but I wasn’t sure if we were going to be using it for dinner or not. I used green and yellow peppers and red and normal onions. You can use any vegetable you like. I just used what I saw in the fridge.



Before cooking:

2013-02-26 11.56.47



All cooked and ready to eat:

2013-02-26 12.22.31



You could put them in the oven or grill them. I decided to oven cook the skewers. I put them in for about 15 minutes. I did end up adding them to the grill for 5 minutes after that. I wanted to keep them warm (along with my bacon) until the baby potatoes were finished (boil them for about 20 minutes). Just so you know, I like my bacon crispy so I don’t consider this burnt. The vegetables did get a little brown in places but it tasted great.



I also sorted out some of my expenses for the month. Paying for car insurance and my ear-piercing kit will be great….goodbye pay. I do get to drive and once my course is done, I can pierce ears for people though so it is worth it. I’ve got all the special dates written on my calendar so that I don’t forget anything ( and so that Chris knows when I would be working/away. He is my taxi man … until I get to drive. I might end up driving him places soon!)



I still have half of Dead Scared to read. I’m not so sure about the book now. I’ve found a few spelling mistakes in it. It makes me question the ability of whoever edited/checked it before printing. At times the story does get frightening (A chapter involving a clown in the wardrobe? Yikes) but when the story switches character it can get confusing. E.G Lacey aka Laura could be in one paragraph and the next paragraph could be about Evi. I get confused and have to re-read parts of it to understand which character certain parts of the story is about.  I also feel like the author based Lacey and D.I Joesbury on Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.



Before I read more of the book I think I will look over the questions I would like to ask during the interview. I don’t want to forget something important. I really want to be as prepared and confident as I can. I think the thing that worries me about this interview is the fact that I have no idea where the office is. On the site there is a tour but it seems to be in the middle of the buildings. I plan to arrive early anyway so I can have a go at finding it and if I can’t find it, I can either ask someone (if I see somebody) or phone the reception to let them know I am there and to ask for directions.



I wanted to wear a little bit of make up tomorrow but my skin isn’t good enough to wear it yet. It’s still so dry even though I use my skin creams often so foundation would just highlight how bad it is right now. Also, I now have excema on my neck. It just appeared out of nowhere a few days ago. Thanks to the stuff I use on it, it’s a lot better than it was though. Hopefully it disappears almost completely by tomorrow. I’ll be having an early night too. I don’t want to be yawning during my interview.



If anyone has any ideas of good questions that I could ask, let me know =]



Byebye (^.^)/


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