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I wore this to yesterday’s interview. Let’s never talk about that again though, kay?



2013-02-21 15.54.26



Anyway, I got a call from my sister this morning asking if I wanted to go out with her and dad. She told me he was collecting her in an hour. O.K I thought because I was still in bed but I could be ready in an hour. I got up, got as far as the kitchen and received a txt. What did it say? Dad was collecting me in 20 minutes. I wasn’t long running about getting everything I need. I ended up throwing an outfit together in hopes of it being alright. I was ready by the time dad got here too. I was proud of myself ^.^’



I ended up wearing this:



2013-02-28 13.45.22



Minus the slippers of course.



My cardigan is from TKmaxx. I can’t remember how much it was but I think it’s cute. The top is from Dunnes. I couldn’t believe that it cost £26! It was a real rip-off but I needed it for the interview. Don’t mind the mess on the bed.



2013-02-28 13.46.27



The shoulder has a lace pattern.



2013-02-28 13.48.04



My usual jeans. They’re my favourite pair. My shoes were £13 in Dunnes. I got them for my interview too but I also wear them to work. I love the gold dots and the cute bow on them.





2013-02-28 13.47.04



We went around the town for a while and got something to eat. Anton kept asking me to go to his house but I have to do a list of things that were left for me and then go to work so I couldn’t =[



Since Chris won’t be home in time to bring me to work, I have to get a bus. Oh well. It’s not as cold as it has been so walking to town won’t be too bad. I should probably go and get ready.



Byebye (^.^)/


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