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Chris’ sister came into us with a puppy in her arms earlier!



He’s a little husky called Rocky.



Isn’t he cute?

2013-03-03 22.44.15




For the rest of the evening, Chris and I had been wanting to see the dog but he was in with Nicole’s bf who is shy and hasn’t really met us much.




Finally, she came in to us and asked if we wanted to go see the dog. Both of us shot up from our seats. Her bf was in the kitchen so we were free to go to the living room. Unfortunately, Rocky was hiding behind the couch. Nicole tried to get him to come out for ages but nothing worked. Chris then tried. He tried to move the couch so that he could get in to the dog. All the time, I was just sitting on the floor at the other end of the couch watching Rocky. He turned and started walking towards me when Chris tried to get him. I thought “Ah yay the dogs coming to me!”…until he actually realised I was there. He stopped straight away. Poor thing. I just sat quietly with my hand out to him. He slowly walked closer to me. I was able to stroke him. I ended up lifting him out ^.^



Nicole said that Rocky shakes because he’s afraid when he gets held but he wasn’t shaking. Maybe he didn’t think I was scary. Either way, I was happy to get to hold him. We asked whose dog it actually was. “Mine and Lukes” “Who does it stay with?” “Both, it has sleepovers” “Does dad know about it?” Nicole smiled. Obviously their dad doesn’t know. What will happen when he finds out? Well, let’s just say that will be interesting to see.



2013-03-03 22.44.47



He sat in Diesels bed for a bit. I got Chris to grab my phone so that I could take a photo of Rocky. The flash frightened him. =[ I didn’t realise it was on flash. Sorry Rocky. Chris tried to go near him and straight away, Rocky ran away. He ended up hiding under Chris’ mums computer desk. Chris took a photo of him sitting there too. He’s just a wee cutie. I had to take him back out though because he was trying to eat the wires. Oh well, I got to hold him a little more ^.^ The only thing was, Rocky didn’t smell good.



Chris now wants a puppy even more. One just like Rocky…




That will NOT be happening. I like dogs when they’re puppies but as soon as they get big they frighten me.



What do you think of dogs?

4 thoughts on “Rocky

    1. Isn’t he so cute! He was still here this morning when I got up ^.^ I got to hold him again. I like dogs when they’re puppies….just not when they get older because they get big and you can’t sit and cuddle them for ages.

  1. I like the dog bed. how cum they gt a dog togethr? they must b serious. who bought it? they wud b xpensive cus ther proper breed. wat did da dady say n da end? Ur same as me u gt afrais f dogs. id f bin afraid f dat one wit da size it z nw i dnt lik animals x

    1. I already told you most of the details by txt earlier but it was free and 9 weeks old. The dad saw it and just looked then asked if it was staying here. He told her to make sure she cleans up after it and stuff. I was playing with him earlier and he jmped closer to me ready to playfully bite but I wasn’t long moving. Everyone in the room laughed. I’m fine with him until he tries to nibble or squiggles too much. I think I’ll be afraid when he gets bigger. The dog bed is Diesels. It’s from TKMaxx. x

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