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So, I’m insured on the car. Have I driven it yet? No. Why? Chris has been away all day yesterday and then again today because of Uni. Poor thing must be wrecked. I decided to be nice and make him a packed lunch for today. It was only cheese sandwiches, a yogurt, banana, crisps and a tin of coke but at least it was something for him to eat before he goes to teach tonight.



I went to town earlier to have a look about at the Mother’s Day gifts the shops were offering. I saw so many cute things. I’ll let Anton pick something by himself but at least I’ll know what shops to go into to let him pick. Speaking of Anton, he’s been talking about going with me to pick his mummy’s present all week. I’m suprised he hasn’t let slip what we’ve already decided to get her. Good boy Anton for not telling so far, keep it up!



I also wanted to try to find something to give a friend as a birthday gift. I don’t have much money now that I’ve paid for insurance don’t forget that holiday I still have to pay for AND my ear-piercing kit) so I wanted something really nice at an affordable price. I didn’t want to buy a box of chocolates since she’s diabetic (I will not be responsible if her sugars get too high) and I don’t think she really wears jewellery/make up. I haven’t found anything for her yet but there’s still about a week until her birthday so I have time.



What I did find was a set of 3 pink tease nail polishes with a dotting tool in B+M for £1.99. I had wanted to buy it last month but couldn’t. I ended up treating myself to it. I had found £5 last week while I was walking to work so if you think about it, I wasn’t really spending any money of my own. (Gotta persuade myself like this when I want something even though I can’t really afford to buy it)



Oh yea, I wanted to tell you about this. I have mentioned before that my friend is getting married, right? Well, last night she asked if I would go wedding dress shopping with her! My response? “Holy cheese slices, yes!” She has to buy her dress in Derby since that’s where she lives (for University) and where she’s getting married but she really wanted to go wedding dress shopping with her friends. She said that we could go wedding dress shopping here first. If we manage to find something she loves, we can take a photo and that way she will have an idea of what she wants when she’s shopping in Derby. She also said that what she would really need is for someone to fly over to Derby and go shopping with her there too for a few days. As much as I would love to, I can’t afford to fly there =[



I overheard someone talking last week too. He was telling his daughters friend that his daughter and her bf have recently gotten engaged and already they have booked pretty much everything. They really aren’t wasting any time. I know the man’s daughter from school. The girl and her bf have been together about 9 years and they’re only my age! It’s cute that they’ve stayed together since they were so young. I actually saw them in my work later that day. They must have moved into their own place too because they were buying a couple of kitchen items. Anton girl I went to school with has been married about a year and a half now and she’s now pregnant too. All around me are people I know who are getting married and having kids. Makes me feel like I’m getting left behind a bit ^.^’



Soon, Chris and I will have to go shopping to choose something for is mother for Mothers Day. We’ll be in Belfast on Friday because I have to go to an appointment with the passport office (yay for getting a passport) so hopefully we find something for her while we’re there. If not, I’ll have to choose something for him on Saturday while I’m out with Anton. I know Chris will read this so No Chris this is not an opportunity for you to get out of going to Belfast with me, you are going whether you like it or not.




Have you any plans for Mothers Day? If you could buy anything for your mum, what would you buy?





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