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Attempting to Drive

Today, Chris took me out to drive! We went to the Army Camp before he would let me in the driver’s seat. Good idea? I think so. Imagine making me drive on a main road after not driving for 2 1/2 years.



We had one little problem. I couldn’t see over the steering wheel. My seat goes pretty much the full way forward. If I sat up really straight I could just about see. Let me tell you this – if you have not driven in 2 1/2 years, get a couple of lessons or at least be with someone who won’t get angry or panic. I did make the car jump a bit while changing gears a few times but I did get the hang of it… for the most part. He told me where to go in the camp and off I went. He almost had a heart attack at one point. He told me off for saying “Wee” as I went round the corners ^.^’ Guess he was afraid and thought I wasn’t taking it seriously. Oh well.



Y’know how you’re supposed to indicate? Yea… I didn’t do that. I didn’t need to though because nobody was about. He told me I had to do it anyway though to get used to it. I guess he had a point so I did it after a while. It’s amazing how you can remember things you learnt years ago. He asked me questions every now and then on what I should do if there’s a parked car on my side (which there was) and I told him and did it. I forgot to slow down going over a couple of ramps though. Ouch. Oh yea, my first attempt at turning the car around was pretty bad too. I forgot which way to turn the wheel so it took a while. My 2nd attempt was a bit better…until Chris basically died in his seat because apparently I was going to ‘hit the kerb’. Tbh, I had no idea where the kerb was another problem because of the seat not being able to pump up higher). As the ‘lesson’ went on, I improved and my 3rd attempt at the reverse went pretty much perfectly. He wanted me to park where we had started off so that we could head home. My special skill made an appearance there. What’s my special skill? I can park millimetres from the kerb without hitting it. I mean maybe 1mm away. I’m pretty proud of that ^.^’



We decided it wouldn’t be great for me to drive to work (with him in the car obviously) because it was going to be super busy with everyone getting home and I would have been anxious if people were beeping at me and stuff. He did say he was going to let me drive home from work though. I fixed my seat problem too. I made him bring a cushion for me to sit on. It worked! I could see so much better. I had to drive home (on the main road) in the dark and rain. He only let me do it because it’s pretty quiet at that time of night. I did a lot better during our trip home. He told me every now and then to do something but it was fine. I almost gave him a heart attack again though when we were almost home. There was a give way sign so he wanted me to stop. I had already looked while I was approaching it though and saw that it was clear so I went straight on out. I don’t really see the problem since I knew nothing was there and it was safe to go but he thought differently. It’s fine to go though isn’t it? It was a dotted line at the give way sign so it’s fine to go if it’s all clear, right? Poor guy must hate driving with me.



We got home and he told his mum straight away. I had to laugh about it. I honestly think it was fine and I knew it was safe. From now on, I have to be careful though. Just until I get used to driving again. That’s the advice I was given by both Chris and his mum. Fair point. Let’s have more fun driving home tomorrow ^.^



I have to get as much practice in as I can. I’m going to be driving to a friend’s birthday in the countryside next week. I think I should get Chris to take me up that road next to get used to it. Especially as it will be dark when I’ll be driving up it. The week after that, I will be driving my sister and I to Callums christening. That’s not too bad since I know where it is. Parking will be a bit of a problem (my attempt earlier made Chris tell me that I will not be parking near any other car when I go to work ^.^’ It was pretty much ‘I choose this space’ and off I went. Sure, I could have gone more slowly but I didn’t hit anything so it’s OK) but as long as there’s a space that’s easy to get in and out of I’ll be fine. The challenge comes after the christening service. We’re going for a meal in Loughall. It’s such a windy road and I don’t know how to get to the restaurant. Hopefully I’ll be used to driving again by then though.



I’m going to go and play with Rocky for a bit because he’s staying over again tonight.



Byebye (^.^)/


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