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Never Again Will I Go Alone



I mentioned before that I had to go to Belfast to prove I am actually me in the passport office. In the end, Chris got out of going because he had lots to do and he didn’t feel well. I made sure to get a train that would let me arrive early because I just knew I would get lost.



As soon as I got to the first turn I was lost. I didn’t know if I was going to the first turn on the right or if it was the next one down. I decided to give it a go anyway. Luckily for me, there was a wee old lady who was standing beside me at the traffic lights. She began to talk to me so I asked if I was going the right way. She was going up the same street and turns out, I was right to go that way. I kept a hold of the map that the passport office sent me so that I could look if I wasn’t sure where to turn off next. It was pretty much a straight line most of the way but with streets being so long, I never knew when one street ended and another began. If I had walked on who know where I would have ended up. I found the passport office (in the pouring rain btw) but I was early so I stood in somewhere for a few minutes. I felt so out-of-place though. Everyone was walking about in suits as if they were going to a lunch meeting. I ended up leaving and walking down another street until I stumbled upon Topshop. I spent ages in there and discovered that the other side actually leads you out into the middle of Victoria Square.



I eventually went back to the passport office for my meeting. I told the security man that I was there for my appointment at 1:15. All he said was Yea? I didn’t know what to say next. Usually you would let the person in wouldn’t you? I asked if it was there and he said “It is”. I just looked at the man. Was he not going to let me in? Finally he said “Do you want to come in and have a seat?” “Yes” He then asked what time it was. He was planning to turn me away if it was a bit too soon. I told him it was already about 1:05 so he let me in. After making me place my phone in a box and empty my pockets. Oh and after he got to look through my bag while I walk through the metal detector thing. I get that they need to make sure people don’t have a weapon and all but wow.



I had to have an interview with this lady. She was nice but I had to keep breaking eye contact. She had this lump growing above her eye. A HUGE lump. I didn’t want her to think I staring so I would look away every now and then. I bet she thought I was suspicious. I was doing fine until she asked “Could you tell me your parents dates of birth?” Let’s be honest, I don’t have a clue. I mean, I know what month they’re in but that’s it. I told her I couldn’t really remember but I tried to get as close to the date as I could. Next question “What does your mum do for work?” “Eh, I think she looks after my granny because she has dementia”. I honestly can’t answer these things well. I neither live with nor speak to the woman. I only talk to her if it’s absolutely necessary. I knew the woman was looking at me oddly so I simply told her that I don’t know because I don’t live with her, she chucked me out. That made her move on. Thankfully. We chatted for a while longer. I was asked to describe what the pastor who signed the back of my photo looked like. They must have looked up his passport so they knew what he was like so that they could ask me.  Before I left, I had to ask her where some shops were. Since I was in Belfast I thought I might as well enjoy myself a little.



Todays outfit was very causal:

2013-03-08 14.44.41



Let’s hope they know I am me.  Anyway, I looked around a few shops in Victoria Square and I realised something. Cat Ears are everywhere now. I’ve had my cat ears for over a year and I could only get them around Halloween. Now, there are so many designs in the shops. “I can finally wear my cat ears and not seem strange” I thought. I’ll leave that for another day though….maybe when I see people walking about with them on. I suprised myself today too. I went into Forbidden Planet (I have to go in EVERY time I go to Belfast and usually come out with about 9 books) and guess what? I didn’t by anything! To be fair, there wasn’t as much selection today. I knew I couldn’t really afford them anyway. I walked around and found B+M. I went in to look for something but ended up coming out with 2 cute cushions. They were 2 for £8 or £5 each. It was a pretty good deal since their RRp is £12 each. I did buy them for a reason. I need to use a cushion so that I can see when I’m driving ^.^’ Sure, I could have just used one from in the house but if I kept it in the car (which I’m planning to do) the couch wouldn’t look right. I went into the TKmaxx there to take a look about. I have to admit, I don’t like it. There are 3 stories. My thought was “How would customers who wanted to buy from all the sections get up and down?” I saw there were lifts after that. They’re pretty small though. I don’t think it’s that efficient really. It’s not as if each story is full either. Everything is really spaced out and it looks a bit empty.




2013-03-08 17.25.06



I went to another shop.  I saw Primark so I took a peek in. I like how Primark has such cheap prices. I really like it. I only went to the first floor. There are about 3 floors in Primark but unlike TKmaxx, each floor is packed. I only went to the first floor though because I didn’t have much money (only the £12 in my pocket). I found a whole section on the wall with tops. They were all the same only in different colours. Pink, navy, cream, black, khaki, yellow…. I stood staring for ages. There were 3 that I liked the most. What was so good about them was that they were only £3 each! I picked out one thinking I could spend £3 on a top for myself. I tried it on to be safe. I wasn’t going back to Belfast to return it if it didn’t fit when I got it home. I thought of getting my sister one too because I knew she would like the tops. I wasn’t sure which size to get her though so I ended up not getting her any =[ Sorry Katie. I’ll let you borrow mine some time….after my holiday that is. I got the 3 colours that I liked the best in the end. At least I can mark them off my holiday list. Just before I went to the checkout, I spotted the cutest dress. I really wanted it but it was £10. “Hmmm, either these 3 tops or that one dress…” I chose the tops because with the dress being strapless I figured it would just be asking for a wardrobe malfunction.



I love the ruffles on the top

2013-03-08 17.27.34



It was still raining outside. Not a great day for shopping. With it being so windy, there wasn’t much point using my umbrella either. As I left Primark, I suddenly had a thought. Where is my train ticket? I started checking all of my pockets. Coat? Not there. Jeans? Not there. “Oh no, I’ve lost m train ticket!” I didn’t have the money to pay for another ticket. I started to panic. I text my sister. Just after that, I thought about the tiny pocket in my jeans. Y’know the kind that’s really never used. I think it’s to put lipstick in or something. I checked. It was there. Oh thank goodness. I let my sister know then started to walk. I had been casually walking about discovering where shops were the whole time so I hadn’t noticed but…I was lost. In the city. By myself.



Of course I panicked. Who wouldn’t. I have no sense of direction. Oh and did I mention it was starting to get a little dark? Again. I text my sister. She laughed and told me to keep walking because most streets lead to the same place. I walked about a little more and found Castlecourt. That made me feel a bit better. I knew my way around Castlecourt. I headed inside thinking I could look for the thing I had been searching for in B+M (can’t say what it is because it’s part of the Mother’s Day present). I didn’t find what I was after but I did come across something else I had been thinking of getting.



I wanted to buy Chris’ mum a Willow Tree figure. She’s been looking after me for almost 2 years so I wanted to give her something on Mother’s Day. I had been undecided which one to get since each one has its own meaning. I asked the employee what ‘Abundance’ means. Showing my lack of knowledge there ^.^’ She got the box so she could tell me. ‘Lots of love’. I told her what it was for. We went to the window so that she could help me decide which one I wanted. The Abundance one or this one. I decided to go with Abundance since it had a better meaning. What was better was that it was 25% off on Willow Tree products. I had to take money out to buy it but it was totally worth it. The woman was lovely. I asked her how to get back to the train station and she gave me the way that would have been the quickest and easiest.




2013-03-08 17.30.27



I followed her directions and went straight up castle lane then turned right. Now here was the problem. Which left was I supposed to take next? There were so many! I kept walking, trying to find street names. I knew if I could get to Howard street I would be fine since it was the street I had first turned at when I had arrived. I walked and walked. It was so busy now with school kids going home and workers either getting a later lunch or heading home. I had started to walk down a street but stopped and walked back. It was like playing spot the tourist. Anyone could tell I was lost. Again. I kept looking around me. Hoping to find something I recognised. There was nothing. Just masses of people. I honestly started to get afraid. I couldn’t see any street names because they were up so high on the buildings. How on earth are people supposed to see them? Even standing back a bit and looking up as far as I could just didn’t work.



“Keep walking” I thought. About half an hour later, just as I was thinking of giving up (and almost crying from being lost for the 3rd time in one day) I saw something. There was a shop with flowers outside. I recognised it from that morning. You would not believe how happy I was. I almost cried because I was so happy to find something I remembered. Finally I got back to the train station. My legs felt like they would fall off. I was tired, hungry, wet and cold. Oh and my hair looked like a scarecrows from the wind. Getting lost had a good point to it I guess. I didn’t have to wait long for my train home. 5 minutes at most. I was so glad to get a seat. I actually wasn’t sure if it was the right train because it didn’t have any writing to tell us. Thank goodness it was though. I don’t think I could have coped if I ended up somewhere I didn’t recognise again. I sat reading on my phone and only looked up to check what station we were at. I almost fell off my seat when I saw the sign. We were already in Lisburn and we had only been on the train for 9 minutes! It was a 45 minute journey to get to Belfast but only about 20 – 30 minutes to get back to my town. I still had another 20 minutes of walking left to do but my legs weren’t so bad after having a rest. Luckily for me, the rain stopped after a couple of minutes so for the majority of the walk home I didn’t get wet.



Oh how nice it was to get home and discover that Chris had done all of the tidying and cleaning and had even lit the candle. It’s a Christmas candle but I like it. It’s apple and cinnamon. I could smell it as soon as I got through the front door. After dinner I fell asleep. Chris tried to wake me but no matter what, I couldn’t make myself stay awake. I only ended up waking up at 11:30PM. I had so many messages…mostly from my sister. I told her we would pick Anton up tomorrow around 11AM to go to town for her present. I can’t wait to see him. I bet he’s excited to buy his mummy’s present.



Todays spoils (tops are all the same so I didn’t feel the need to take a photo of each one)

2013-03-08 17.27.25



I need to go to bed…it’s almost 1:30AM now and here I am awake and online thanks to my long nap. I’m so busy again tomorrow so I need the sleep. I’ll head to bed in a minute and hope for the best.



Byebye (^.^)/


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