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Mother’s Day




To all the mums, how was your Mothers Day?



Anton picked lovely flowers for his mum when we were out the other day.



We went to Tesco first so that Chris could buy his mum some flowers. Anton told me he ”just wants to walk” and he did. Perfectly. He held my hand straight away and didn’t let go. I could tell he was tired though by how he was walking. His wee feet were kinda dragging and he was going more slowly than usual. As soon as we got into the Meadows (where Tesco is), a woman with a tray of cute buns approached me. She was giving out buns to all the Mothers to celebrate Mothers Day, courtesy of the Meadows. She asked if I would like one. I didn’t bother to correct her ^.^’ I looked at Anton and said “Ooo what do you think?” and he said “Yea!” so we ended up with one each. They were so yummy. We spotted a friend from school and chatted to him. Chris made sure to tell him that Anton wasn’t our child. =D



Free buns. Anton had the green one.
Free buns. Anton had the green one.



We bought a packet of 2 strawberry flavoured buns for Katie. I had spotted them a while ago  and since they’re freshly made each day I thought I would get them as part of her present. We headed back to the car to get Anton’s pram. Chris was going home but our shopping had just begun ^.^ I was quite suprised that Chris managed to put the pram up since he had never done it before. I didn’t think he would even try to tbh. Even though Anton didn’t want to get in the pram, I managed to persuade him. “I’ll give you your bun if you get in the pram and give me your dummy.” Straight away he got in. Lucky.



We headed towards Gabrielles (the florist). Oh my goodness it was busy. The pram just fitted in. Everyone was clearly buying flowers to their mothers. I told the man that Anton would like to buy 3 pink flowers for his mum. The man kind of looked and said “3?” “Yes because he’s 3”. He went around the shop to find a good flower. He showed us one and asked if it would be OK. I asked Anton if he liked it. “Mmmm yep!” So we got them. It’s a good job we went there first because only minutes after, Anton was fast asleep.



Antons flowers.
Anton’s flowers.



I had been planning to give Katie a photo album full of Callum’s pictures. She had lost all of her photos from when he was really tiny a while ago and that’s what made me think of it. I had hunted for a photo album for weeks but oddly, nowhere in town had them (at a reasonable price anyway). I picked up the photos and went to poundstretcher where I found a few photo albums. There was a blue one which I liked but it was also in green. I wasn’t sure which to pick so I asked a lady which would be better. Both of us stood for ages trying to decide. We ended up choosing the green one. Now all that was left was a couple of bits and pieces. I had planned on letting Anton choose them himself but I didn’t want to wake him. I chose a cute mothers day mug and face mask. It was beginning to get too busy in the shops to move around easily with the pram so I decided to head back.



On the way back, Anton suddenly sat straight up and looked around him as if he was confused as to where he was. He was trying to say something to me so I stopped and talked to him. “We going back to my house?” “Yea you got mummy her present and we’re going back to give it to her” “You come play in my room?” “Yea I’ll come play in your room”. He sat back all pleased with himself.



As soon as we got back, Anton shouted “Mummy I got you a wee present!” “Ohhh did you?” “It’s a wee flowers”. He had managed to keep it a secret right until we got back for him to give them to her. I let him out of the pram and he said “I want to give them to her” so he took them and off he went up the stairs. Katie was busy doing something upstairs so she didn’t come straight down. It gave me the chance to wrap her mug. Anton made a quick appearance in the kitchen to tell me that he had given her the flowers so I got him to help wrap the present.



The presents
The presents



For when mummy wants to relax.
For when mummy wants to relax.



Katie was so happy with her present. I told her the reason he had picked 3 flowers and why they were pink. Pink is her favourite colour and having 3 because he is 3 means that it’s a flower for each year she has been a mummy. How cute. I let her pick the photos she wanted from the hundreds that I had printed. Good luck putting them all in order Katie. She had a bun. Anton had one too of course. “Ask Natalie if she wants a bite”. Anton turned to me so I went to take a bite. “No, just smell it! It’s like strawberries” I made sure to get a bite anyway. ^.^’



Yummy. Strawberry flavoured.
Yummy. Strawberry flavoured.



We played Mario Kart on the Wii for a while. Anton knows how to make it a 2 player game now so that I can play with him. He sat on my lap to play. Cute, yes. Hard to play that way, definitely. Callum was trying to grab me for my attention too. I ended up holding him up with one arm and playing the game with my other hand. Multi- tasking skills at it’s finest, eh?



That night, I got to drive home. Anton was watching me at the door. Such a cute kid. I made sure that he closed the door before I left though. I don’t want any kids deciding to suddenly run towards the car while I’m in the driver’s seat.



I got home to be told that Chris’ mum had received her presents. I wanted to wrap it up =[ Oh well. She told me she liked it so it’s all good.



Chris' mums presents: Flowers and money from Chris, 'Abundance' Willow Tree figure from me and 2 tops from Nicole.
Chris’ mums presents: Flowers and money from Chris, ‘Abundance’ Willow Tree figure from me and 2 tops from Nicole.



I think this is my favourite flower from the bunch Chris picked.
I think this is my favourite flower from the bunch Chris picked.



Oh yea, today is Chris’ sisters 19th birthday. Born one day after Mothers Day. She has a cake. I wish I had taken a photo of it before she ate some. I forgot about it though. Well, at least she got to eat some. Last year I think she only had one bit out of the whole cake. I think she’s just spending the evening here with her bf and Rocky. She’ll probably go out at the weekend to celebrate with her friends.



I have some reading to catch up on so I’ll post again soon.



Byebye (^.^)/


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