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If You Could Try Any Food, What Would It Be?

Hey, I got the idea for this post last night. I was just sitting reading when I thought “I think I would like to try snake meat.” Apparently it’s high in protein and low in fat/calories. I’ve heard that it’s supposed to taste like chicken but you can’t know for sure unless you try it yourself.



It really was that simple. I get random thought like that every now and then. It got me thinking, different countries eat foods we normally wouldn’t think of eating. Here, you would never find snake meat or frogs legs at the meat counter but overseas they are popular.



If I could try any meat/food I would try:


  • Snake meat
  • Frog legs
  • Miso Soup (I’ve been curious as to what it taste like for a while now)
  • Okonomiyaki



One thing I don’t think I could ever try to eat would be fried tarantulas. I would be afraid to even hold one even though I know it would be dead and cooked. It just seems creepy. Actually, I don’t think I could eat Tuna Eyeball either. Imagine that big eye just staring at you on your plate. =S



If you could try anything, what would it be?





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