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My Friend’s Birthday




I haven’t posted in a whole week =O



Part of it was because I wasn’t well (think I’m OK now) and part of it was because I had nothing to write about.



I went to a friend’s birthday on Saturday evening. She was having a get together of family and friends. Her mum’s birthday was also being celebrated. I headed straight from work. Chris drove (I wanted to but apparently that wasn’t happening) so I shimmied into my outfit in the car. Ah,  I had my t-shirt on under my work t-shirt btw and I just changed my skirt for shorts and I had tights on so it wasn’t too bad really. I did manage to hurt my shoulder though >.<



There were a few little kids at the party. I just wanted to hold them all but I couldn’t really just swipe a child. I stuck close to my friend Ailsa because her and Claire were the only people I knew there. Well, there was another girl we knew there but tbh neither of us speak to that girl (she’s been quite nasty to Ailsa lately about her upcoming marriage and a few other things that just aren’t the girls business) but she didn’t even attempt to speak to either of us the whole time.



We had burgers and hotdogs. Yum! I still wasn’t feeling well but I was definitely eating anything that came my way. A whole range of desserts were there too. Banoffee, raspberry cheesecake, Pavlova, apple tart…birthday cake which we all forgot about until the end of the party. Oh, and buns. We forgot about those too though. Ailsa and I went for dessert. I had a little slice of raspberry cheesecake and, of course, Pavlova. We both decided on a little bit of tea to go with our desserts. We were on our way back to our seats in the hall when I saw it. Claire had put one of the babies on the girls (I won’t name her) knee. “Theres a baby, a baby Ailsa hurry let’s go!”. I power walked back to my seat, put the plate and my tea down and sat. “Claire Claire Claire!” *Claire turns round” “Gimmie the baby!” and I had my arms out. Ailsa just laughed. As soon as the baby saw me he smiled. Yay. I held him and he bounced about on my knee. He was so cute! I can’t remember his name now. I had such fun just holding him. You can tell I love kids can’t you. They’re just so small and loveable. I gave him back when both Claire and I thought he might be sick from bouncing. Ailsa had a wee go at holding him too. He smiled at her. Must just be a happy kid that doesn’t care who holds him.



After food, the games began.



The first game involved everyone walking in a circle while the music was on. When the music stopped, everyone had to stand still and listen to how many times the guy in charge of the games blew his whistle. We then had to get into groups that had the same number as what he blew. E.g. if he blew the whistle 8 times, we had to get a group of 8.



We also played a game where we had to have a partner (Ailsa and I were right there ready to go). We would stand in 2 rows, facing our partner. We had to join hands with the people in our row then walk in to meet our partner and then back out twice. On the 3rd time going in we would swap sides then do it all again. The pair at the top of the line then had to hold hands and skip up the middle of the 2 rows of people then back down. Ailsa and I just happened to have to go first. Embarrassing but fun. Oh btw, there’s a whole foot of height difference between us. After we got back to our space, we would walk up the outside of our rows while the rest of our line followed then, at the top, we would join hands and walk back down. At the bottom we would turn then everyone would have to go over and under each others arms while we walked back up and they walked down. If you get what I mean. It was fun. We ended up playing musical statues while everyone was going up and down through each others arms too. It was so hard not to laugh or move.



Hmm what else did we play. Oh! Musical chairs. All the girls had to play and when the music stopped, we had to run and grab a buy to sit on our knees. Most of the guys were old men btw. I just grabbed whoever was closest. You could see which girls were cheating (myself included) because we would walk really quickly up to the top of the hall when we were going in our circle and then slowly right down or stopping completely because all the men were at that end. I ended up picking a guy (who turned out to be Claire’s dad) and he bounced on my knee. He wasn’t exactly the lightest person either. It was fun though.



Next, we were put into teams to play the Newspaper game. Our team won ^.^ All the answers seemed to be on mine and a woman called Ema’s pages. She was so funny. She kept shouting the answers really loudly. I ended up shouting a couple of them too…not as loudly as her though. We were given a box of Roses as a prize. They were shared over the whole room. Good sweets. I was honestly stuffed.



There were a couple of other games but I can’t even remember them now. The last thing we did was the Hokey Kokey. There was one young child left by this time (the guy in charge of games’ son). All eyes were on him while we played it. He was having fun. During the night, him and his mum (who was pregnant) took part in the games but kind of had their own rules. The kid was happy to be walking around in a circle holding his mum’s hand and then sitting when everyone else did during one game (I didn’t get to take part in it because it had to be girl/boy pairs).



I felt a bit bad for Claire. She was so busy running about trying to talk to everyone and making sure everyone was having fun. She made a speech for the end of the party. She wanted to say thanks to everyone who came and stuff. Both her and her mum blew out the candles of their cake. It was such a nice cake. I’ll have to get a photo of it from fb to show you. I don’t know if it’ll work because it’s a fb link but it looks like this.



It was a good night. Claires actual birthday is today so Happy Birthday Claire!



I’ll try to post more often.



Byebye (^.^)/


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