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My Wishlist




Y’know how every now and then you just want to buy lot of new clothes? Well, that’s how I feel so I decided to take a look online for some new clothes.



Straight away, I fell in love with this:

cute blazer


It’s on sale in Internationale right now for £20, I like the colour and the studs at the top. I want something nice like this now that winter is over.



Next, are these shorts:


High waisted. Great, it can hold in my tummy a bit. They’re £14.99 in Internationale.



To be comfy, I would love this:

bunny jumper

It’s £20 in Internationale. I have to admit, it is very ‘me’. My sisters could take one look at it in a shop and just think “Natalie would definitely wear that.”



Still on the Internationale website, I found this bracelet. If only I could get one small enough to fit my wrists…

cool bracelet



Something I’ve wanted for ages is pink converse. I had spotted a pair that were pink and cream striped ages ago in DV8 but they don’t have them anymore. I really wanted them. They were really thin stripes. I honestly loved them so much. I’ve looked online for them but I can’t find them =[ Plain pink ones will have to do.




New Look is full of clothes I would love to have. As much as I would have loved to make something like this, I do not have that kind of skill. Here are some of my favourites:


ankle boots bow shoes do want sandals

aztec hearts

22.99 heart jumper  butterfly crochet top orange tunic tube top dress




The bottom 2 dresses are my favourites. Maybe I could use my upcoming holiday as an excuse to buy myself some of these lovely things?



I should probably stop online window shopping before I end up with the hugest wishlist.



Byebye (^.^)/


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