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Somethings Not Quite Right

The other day I suddenly thought of something from when I was in school.



During the time I was in Junior high school,rumours spread often. It’s a school so it’s nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, this was a rumour about a pupil and teacher dating. I had gone to primary school with the girl so I was more interested in the story than if it had just been some other random pupil. OK a rumour like that might just have been a rumour, but what if it wasn’t?



The girl was one of those ‘popular’ kids. The teacher was a married man. and a teacher. Seriously? What on earth started this rumour. It’s a pretty serious rumour to spread.



I remember hearing something at the time about both the pupil and teacher being questioned and both denied all allegations. You’d think that the pupils parents would have taken her from the class or something wouldn’t you? Apparently not.



Oh and guess what? It wasn’t a rumour. They’re still together even now. The man left his wife for this child. Junior High school students are as young as 11. I think it happened around the end of 1st year though so the girl was 12. Even so, she was only 12. How gross. I want to know how it even began. Did he notice her for working hard and being smart and ask her to stay behind then made his move? Did she approach him? He was popular with the female pupils after all Even so, how on earth did they manage to get away with it the whole time? Did she just go along and believe everything he said? Every child knows right from wrong so why did she not think “Oh, this is wrong”?



I can’t get my head around it at all. I think they kept quiet about the ‘relationship’ until she was 18. Legal age…but she clearly wasn’t when the whole thing began. As far as I know, he still teaches in that school. I remember the rumour about a different teacher being a pedophile (probably because of his looks) but he might have been completely fine. All the pupils were wary of that teacher yet nobody would have suspected that the popular teacher would actually be in a relationship with his student.



I honestly can’t understand how he got away with it all. I want to know how her parents reacted when they found out. Could you imagine your daughter bringing home her bf and introducing him. “Hey mum, dad this is my bf” the guy you met at parent teacher interviews 6 years ago.



Even if  they say that they only began to date recently, wouldn’t the parents have been suspicious? Would they not have remembered the rumours from all those years ago? Imagine telling your friends that your teacher was actually your bf. How would they react? Would you not try to tell your friend that it’s wrong and get help from someone?



What worries me is that he still works in a school. What’s to say he won’t go for another young girl? If I had a child and it ended up going to that school in the future and ended up near that teacher, I wouldn’t be pleased. I get that if both the girl and him strongly deny it, the school mightn’t have been able to do anything because there wouldn’t be any proof but even so..it just seems strange that he was off scott free.



You’d think a teacher would know not to get close to a student. Who knows, they might be happy together and it might last….I just think that an adult should know better than to go out with a child.



What do you make of the situation?



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