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Caflon Ear Piercing Starter Kit




I got my ear-piercing kit!



My sister told me when the VAT free day was so, before going out with our dad, we made him stop off at Sallys. Since I didn’t have  a Sallys card I was going to use hers. She had to fill in a form though so she came with me. Usually, the starter kit costs £93.95. My sister bought fake tan and I put my kit up with her and gave her my money.



How much did I get the kit for? £50. How good is that?



It saved me a lot of money and now I’ve paid for pretty much all of my expensive things…other than holiday and course but the course can wait until September to be paid for.



2013-03-21 23.19.38



In the kit you get:


  • Piercing gun
  • Bottle of solution for your customer x4
  • Earrings x24
  • Marking pen
  • Wipes for cleaning the ear before piercing


My course is in 2 weeks. I’m excited to do it. I’ve already read the booklet that came with the kit so I pretty much know what to do but I still need qualified to pierce someones ears.



After I do the course, I automatically get a Sallys card which means that I’ll be able to get money off all of their products =]



Let’s hope it’s as easy as it looks!



Byebye (^.^)/


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