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A Morning With My Sister




Today, my Dad was supposed to take my sister, her kids and me out for a while. However, he decided to cancel 1 hour before the time he was supposed to meet us. Apparently he had to go to Donegal to do a message for his brother…even though he had made plans with us first.



Katie and I went to town anyway since she had already told Anton that if he went to school he would get to see us. He ran and jumped to be lifted then hugged me. Happy Anton is the best Anton. He asked “Where’s Grandads car?” I didn’t know what to say so I looked at Katie. She told him that “Grandad had to drive away to the farm and far fa r away, silly Grandad”.



Anton had a very short nap in the pram. Katie and I only went round a couple of shops before going to a café. Anton was asleep until Katie gave Callum his bottle and her arm lightly touched his face. He shouted at me saying I was too noisy as soon as I spoke to him. Anton being sleepy is not fun. We got hot chocolate and I had a scone while she had a cheese toasty with side salad which she shared with Anton. Katie paid for both of our lunches. Thanks =] Thank goodness Anton brightened up a bit by the time his food was finished. Before heading to the shops, Anton said to me “You have to go my house?” I told him I had to go to work but I would come another day. “No, you have to go!” Katie told him we were going to the shops and not home. “You have to come to shops!” he shouted at me while pointing. “Yes,  that’s ok” Oh also, he called me Dr. Eggman. he was pretending to be Mario (again) at the time. At least he was happy that we were going to the shops together.



2013-03-27 12.12.54





We told us he wanted to walk.  We agreed as long as he held my hand…which he did…until we got to Poundland. He decided to run about in the shop. At one point, we lost him so I had to run about looking for him. I honestly thought he might have left the shop. He was up the first aisle running like a wild child. I stopped him and told him to stop running and that it’s dangerous and to hold my hand or else he will go back in the pram. “No! I just want to go by myself”. “No because you keep running off.  Hold my hand” I took his hand and what did he do? Lay on the ground and shook his hand out of mine. He got up to go back but I took his hand again. When that didn’t work? I took hold of his hood so that he could only go so far. Katie told him off too. He still wouldn’t hold my hand. In the end he settled for holding his mummy’s hand (his suggestion). We did put him back in the pram before we left the shop.



Since it’s coming up to Easter, the Mall had lots of balloons. Some were even made into Humpty Dumpty and a Rabbit. Anton liked them. Callum was just sitting quietly. Fosters chocolate had a little stall in the Mall. Their eggs look so good. There were huge eggs for £8.99. In a shop, they would easily have been £15 or more. Also, they had really good-sized eggs for only £1! There was a little basket full of them. I planned on going back to get one after we went to a certain shop but when I did, they were all gone! They sold so quickly. Hopefully there will be more of them tomorrow.


I want the white on sooo much! *hint hint Chris*

2013-03-27 13.01.58




Oh yea! I got something off my wishlist. The white jumper with the heart in the middle. It was £8. I also ended up buying another jumper that I had been hoping to find for a while. It was in the sale too at £14.



I have to admit, it was a pretty successful couple of hours. It passed both mine and my sisters day a bit and we got to spend time together which we haven’t been able to do as much lately. I’ll make sure to come over more often Katie!



I ended up having a nap before getting ready for work. Honestly, it was a struggle to get up. Bed was so cosy ^.^’ I really needed it though since I had woken up a few times during the night with the worst pains from my ribs downwards. I honestly thought I was dying because it was so painful. On the bright side, I think I’m pretty much fine again now.



Since I finally have a Thursday night off work, I’m going to my friend’s house. She has to work during the day tomorrow so I still get to have a lie in. I’m excited since I haven’t seen her in ages.



I’m getting hungry so I think I will go make something.



Byebye (^.^)/


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