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Catching Up With A Friend

Hey =]



So, I caught up with m friend last night. We had been planning on having a DVD night for ages but between her uni and work and my work, we never seemed to be free at the same time.



I decided to bring my slippers with me ^.^’  We went on up to her room to pick a DVD. This girl has loads of DVDs. It’s actually so hard to pick just one. We chose one (that I can’t remember the name of now) and put it on. Before we even sat down to watch it she asked if I wanted to borrow jammie bottoms because I was wearing jeans and “you have to be comfy to watch a movie”. After changing, it was time to get stuck into the movie.  She had bought lots of snacks for us. Mulitipack crisps, pizza, an Easter Egg to share between us (Yay, I got to eat part of an Easter egg!) and I brought over Maoam stix. Honestly, we were so stuffed. Real great for our plans of losing weight. It’s OK to treat yourself every now and then though.



As much as I would love to tell you if the movie was any good or not, we ended up talking pretty much the full way through the movie so I have no idea what went on.



Before picking the 2nd movie, she decided to cook the pizza. We had a cheese pizza with a crust stuffed with sauce. Yum! Every now and then I heard this weird noise. It turned out to be her turtle jumping off his rock and into the water in his tank. How annoying would it be to hear that noise while you’re trying to sleep at night?



Ah, if you haven’t watched The Huntsman, don’t read the paragraph below.



Y’know those people who sit and poke holes with the movie? Well, that’s us. It was good but we sat picking holes in the movie the whole time. She’s lived in a tower for years but she’s never looked out of the window and noticed the huge nail? Oh look at that the birds tell me where to go to escape. That hole in the wall leading to the sewers? Of course I can just slide right through that. I jumped off the cliff into a waterfall…and didn’t get hurt at all. Whats even better is how at the other side, a white horse just happens to be lying and allows her to ride it. Oh and don’t forget how everyone she meets wants to help her. We joked about how the Queen stays young too. Sucking youth? Nomnomnom. We were joking about how we would go up to someone and randomly open our mouths and suck in air then walk off.



We ended up getting into her bed. She had an electric blanket under the sheet so we were kept really cosy. In fact, we were so cosy that I wanted to sleep. After the movie had ended we had to crawl back out because we were so hot.



We chatted more and looked up memes on her phone. She actually cried with laughter at this picture. We both spent ages laughing.



By midnight I was on my way home. Both of us had early starts ahead of us. Since I was so busy all day today (and I’m sick…again) I’m exhausted. I’ll post again soon.



Byebye (^.^)/


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