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Day At My Sisters and Easter Buns




Tomorrow is Easter! I can’t wait to eat my egg even though I’m ill.



On Friday, I went over to my sisters house with my dad. Anton wasn’t in a good mood. He shouted and stuff for a while but he did play with us a little too. Before Dad left, Katie told him to say bye. He got up and began to walk towards Dad to give him a hug but stopped, looked and asked me the famous question”You stay to play at my house?” “Yes, I’m staying to play.” It was as if he had to confirm that I was staying before he would give Dad a hug to say goodbye.



Katie and I decided to go to the shop to buy stuff to make buns. I had thought of making them a couple of days before but had forgotten to buy the stuff. She went to get ready, bringing Callum with her. Anton sat with me for a while first before heading up saying “I’m just going to see mummy.” I joined everyone upstairs and Anton and I ended up in his room. Instead of calling me ‘Dr Eggman’ he actually called me ‘Peaches’. Wasn’t I chuffed? He asked me “Will you read me a story please?” Good manners. He picked a story and sat with me while I read it. He even used his blankey to tuck me in so I could read it to him. Katie had to change Anton to go out so Callum joined us on the bed. Anton didn’t want me in the room. He told me I had to go to the kitchen because he had to get changed. Katie told him I wasn’t going anywhere and that I wouldn’t look. I just sat and read to Callum. Anton wanted another story read to him while he got changed and asked Katie to. Next thing though, he wanted me to read it. I read the story then we were ready. Getting his jacket on was so hard! He ran about laughing while I chased him (and ended up bribing him with a sweet) until I got the jacket on. Thankfully, getting his shoes on was so much easier. I can see why it takes people with kids so long to get ready to go out.



We headed to one shop to find mini eggs. There weren’t any there so we tried another shop. This shop didn’t have any. 3rd shop? Nope none there either. We ended up heading to town to get some. Luckily for me, I also managed to get the Easter Egg that was sold out the last day. I bought a milk chocolate one for Chris and white chocolate for myself. I love white chocolate. After getting what we needed we headed back.



Anton was fast asleep in the pram on the way home. Callum had been asleep pretty much the whole time we were out but he woke up just as we got back into the house. We had lunch while Anton slept and decorated a few egg shaped cookies. Katie had bought them the day before because during Antons stay and play day in school, he had decorated some and she thought they were a good idea for something to do. Anton woke up and saw us decorating the cookies. What were his first words after waking up? “I want to make some too”. We gave him the cookies that had been set aside for him and watched him go. He started off really well. He squeezed the icing tube to make the zig zag perfectly. After that? Well, he got a little trigger happy with it and covered so much of the cookie. He sat putting on sprinkles one at a time. Such concentration. He didn’t even notice me taking pictures.


My cookies

2013-03-29 14.13.57


Anton decorating

2013-03-29 15.18.20



We asked if he wanted to make the buns now and he said yea. Katie and I broke the chocolate up to melt it and got out everything we would need. Anton decided to sit in the living room and watch TV instead. I tried to get him to come out but he told me no he wants to watch tv. I gave up and went back. I did manage to get him to come out when the chocolate was melted. I was hoping that once he saw it he would want to stay and make buns with me. Nope. He got a chair and pulled it over to stand on. Sure he mixed the shredded wheat and chocolate…for a second. Off he went back to the TV and “Daddys black game” (DS). He did come again and grabbed a tin of sweetcorn from the cupboard then ran about shaking it saying he likes it and that it was dinner. He’s funny when he gets all happy. In the end, Katie and I had fun making the buns ourselves and decorating them. Since then, I have eaten 2 and I can honestly say they’re yummy.



All you need to make the buns are:


  1. 2 shredded wheat
  2. 100g melted chocolate
  3. mini eggs


Just mix the shredded wheat and chocolate together then put them in a bun case. Make a dent in the middle to add the mini eggs to and you’re done. Quick, easy and cute. We discovered that it only makes about 6 buns. Shredded wheat really sucks the chocolate up. It’s like dipping a hobnob in tea.  We ended up using the leftover sprinkles and coloured chocolate balls from the cookies to decorate with too.


2013-03-29 15.55.36



After Callum woke up from his nap and had gotten bored with talking away to himself in his cot for a while, Katie took a chance to do something while I sat with Anton and Callum downstairs. He was fine for a while sitting on the floor but, Callum just wanted to stand. He had been trying to make himself crawl or grab the fire guard to try to stand but got fed up with it and screamed. I ended up sitting on the floor with him, holding his hands and trying to get him to walk. I ended up using my legs to hold him steady (like bent knees with him between them so that he couldn’t fall) and made him let go of my hands. I wanted him to walk by himself. Both of us know that if he wasn’t so afraid, he would be running about by himself now. After a while of holding him steady or holding one hand while he tried to stand and walk, I let go completely and guess what? He took one step before he realised I had let go. His face was so funny. It was as if he was happy but terrified and he turned and leaned towards me and grabbed me. Even though I had let go, I made sure he wouldn’t fall because my legs (now widened) were still close enough to be able to stop him from falling fully. I told Katie as soon as she came back into the room that he had taken a step by himself and tried to get him to do it again but he was not having any of it. Any time I began to let go he would start to sit or grab me and scream. I’ll have to trick him into it again another day.



2013-03-29 17.09.03



Oh yea, during the day, I lay with Callum sitting on my tummy. Anton jumped at me and roared as if he was a dinosaur and what happened next? Callum leaned towards my face and roared. He really does copy anything and everything.



I ran about with Anton for a while. If you kiss him he wipes it off. All I had to do was say “Ahh! Who wiped my kiss away?” and he grinned and ran away giggling. He hid a couple of times too and came out to scare me. After that he finally said “You have to come to my room”. I had been waiting for that line all day. If you go in there, you don’t get back out. It’s like a trap. He’s gotten smart enough to stop before he says “room” now and just takes your hand and leads you there. We went up and we sat on his bed to watch Noddy. He ended up lying on me to give me a hug. I asked if he was OK and what did he say? “I’m just trying to get you back” with a really sad voice. Did he mean get me back from Callum since I spend a lot of time playing with Callum so Anton doesn’t have my full attention anymore? Did he mean it as in so that I would come over more often since I haven’t been able to go as much lately? I didn’t know what to say so I just said I was right there and that I love him to bits and that we’re best friends while hugging him back and gave him a kiss.



After a short while, I had to go home. It was time for a chinese. I honestly didn’t feel that great though so I hardly ate my food. My throat feels like its cut to bits and my nose has a mind of its own. Oh and don’t forget about that wisdom tooth. Seriously, why do we not just get all our teeth as babies. It would be so much easier. This hurts. A lot.



I’m planning on visiting my sisters again soon. I want to try to spend more time with Anton in case he feels like I’m not as bothered with spending time with him anymore. I don’t want to make him feel left out or sad. Of course, I want to spend time with Katie and Callum too =]



Anyway, enjoy Easter



Byebye (^.^)/


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