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Guess What?

I drove by myself for the first time!



I was going to bring my sister Naomi to our grannys house today so I had to pick her up. Since I hadn’t driven by myself before, I decided to have a wee go around town first. Driving alone is so much easier than I thought it would be. I had been sort of panicking about it the night before but once I got in the car and started, it felt so normal. Maybe it’s because I can concentrate more because I don’t have anyone to talk to.



I had been thinking of buying scones to bring to grannys house so I drove on down to Tesco. Parked perfectly =] Of course, I picked a space far away from anyone and it was pretty much straight in front of me so it was easy.



I ended up buying Callums birthday present. I spent so long picking things out. I found a Buzz Lightyear babygrow but ended up putting it back. I wasn’t too sure if Katie would like it.



What I bought for Callum:

2013-04-05 21.49.14



I made Naomi meet me in Tesco because I had driven down her street and the only space was one that, if I wanted to park in it, I had to do a parallel park for. Seriously? I HATE parallel parking. I would not do it. My car’s big so I don’t like reversing. “Where’s your car?” she asked when we left. “See that green one all the way over there? That’s me” By now there were cars parked on either side of my car. Made it out perfectly without hitting anything =] I was pretty pleased with myself.



Town was so busy! I just drove slowly enough. What really annoys me though is other drivers. Cars would suddenly change into my lane without even indicating. Really close to me. I had to break so quickly. Why can they not just use their indicator? Seriously, that’s what it’s there for.  What did annoy me was how a car tried to dash on out when I was close. They didn’t even check to see if they could go. I didn’t see them either because there was a car blocking it. Both that car and I had to break quickly (sorry about that Naomi) and they reversed a bit. I drove round it.  I wasn’t letting it out after it did that. If it had gone right into my lane there was so way my car would have stopped in time. I was going slowly but I was so close to it that it would have hit.  Thank goodness we avoided that. I ended up stalling a few times after picking Naomi up. Oh well, practice and all that.



Granny was waiting for us to arrive. She kept forgetting whose car it was. She told me she wanted to have a wee sit in it to see what it’s like. I had to try to get a cushion for her to sit on in it because it’s quite low for an 82-year-old person to get into. She loves the car. Apparently green is a responsible colour for a car. After a couple of hours, we left because we were heading over to Katie’s house.



Oh my goodness I had to stop and get petrol. I know it’s not a big deal but I have never had to try to park beside it before. I did manage it but I was pretty wonky. At least it worked. I didn’t want to go through the town again so I drove down the northway. So much easier. Only thing was, there was a car driving unbelievably slowly right in front of me. We were actually convinced it was doing in on purpose after a while. At least I made it safely to Katie’s and parked in her driveway pretty well.



Anton was being Sonic today so I had to keep calling him Sonic (which I forgot so he told me off). All of us went on our 2 mile walk. It was so sunny outside and actually warm…until we started walking. It was fine if we weren’t in the shade but it got pretty breezy. Naomi had a trench coat, Katie had a body warmer and long sleeves and then there was me. Sleeveless top and a blazer with shorts, tights and sunglasses. 2 miles really doesn’t feel that long when you’re walking with someone. It doesn’t take long to walk it either. Both boys fell asleep before we even finished the walk.



Back at Katies house, I did Naomis nails. Red with flower stickers. Her nails really are tiny. Probably half the size of mine. We all talked for a while until Callum (who was in his walkie) woke up Anton. Naomi played Mario Kart on the Wii with him while I fed Callum. I joined them afterwards and Anton ran off somewhere. I took his remote to continue the game but he came back and took it off me, telling me off. Later, he went off again so I had a race with Naomi. He came in and actually tried to snatch it right out of my hand saying it was his turn. “No, its my turn. You can have it in a minute.” He pulled on it and made me fall off the track =[ I gave it back as soon as my race was over saying it was his turn. I tried to get him to sit on my knee but nope. He ran to the couch, sat and said I had to sit beside him on it. Fair enough. He played against Naomi again then off he went. Since it was half way through a coin battle, I helped him to get a few coins while he wasn’t in the room. He came in and took Naomis remote thinking she had taken his. He looked then realised and gave her it back then took his back off me. Oh well.



I started getting messages from Chris. *grumble* one said. 10 minutes later *grumble grumble*. Clearly he was hinting at me to come home because he wanted a Chinese. Naomi decided to come home with me so I left her home then drove on home. The whole way home, a car drove 20mph in front of me. I thought they were going to speed up a bit but if they did, they would slow down until they were back at 20. Maybe they weren’t sure where they were so they wanted to drive slowly  in case they had to turn off into an estate or something. Who knows. I just drove slowly behind them. My driving was fine on the way home after dropping off my sister. I think that having a person with me just makes me lose concentration.



Finally, I got home. I was greeted by faces looking at me as if they were waiting to see if I arrived home alright. Chris said he had been panicking all day. He said “I don’t like this. All this stress is killing me” Thanks for the confidence there =P His face when I told him about parking for the first time was priceless. It was like he had just heard something that really scared him. I’m really going to have to learn how to reverse the car into a space. I could probably do it but I don’t want to risk it with this car being quite long. I’ll have to practice it another day.



Tomorrow, I’ll be working during the really busy hours. I hope I can find a space far away from other cars.



I’m completely wrecked from being out all day for the last 3 days. An early night for me I think. I need to be fully refreshed for work tomorrow.



Byebye (^.^)/





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