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Aku no Hana

Ok so I tried this anime out.



As soon as I saw it I thought “What’s with the way it’s done? This isn’t proper anime”. Am I right in thinking it has been done as if the person took lots of photos of short clips and used the computer to remove all the colour/change the shade etc to make it look more like an anime? I can’t really describe it well. My point is, it doesn’t look like anime.



The characters are too ‘real’. You could look and think it’s an actual person only with effects to make them look more cartoonish. I’m really not good at describing this. Maybe its been made that way so that whoever watches it feels like its more real so they get more into it instead of just watching other anime where the characters faces don’t change much. In Aku no Hana, you can kind of see their mouths moving as if they’re really saying the words themselves. Also, the characters are more ‘normal’ sized instead of all being skinny girls/guys. It’s not a bad thing.



I don’t really like the voices either. Maybe it’s because they sound more realistic. Again, that could be the aim. I guess people might like it because its different from the usual animes.



I’ll admit I did start to feel like the voices/art did make it easier to get into the story while I was watching. It feels more like you’re watching a  T.V show than an anime and we all know how easy it is to get hooked on a plot in some programs.



I’ve already picked which character will annoy me the most. This guy:



most annoying guy in Aku no Hana



Every time he appeared, my anger just rose. His whole behaviour is so annoying. Oh that guy behind him is my 2nd most annoying character too. Their voices just annoy me. They’re the geeky guys who act like they’re co cool. Bleh.



Putting that aside, the main girl, Sawa Nakamura, is gonna be a real weirdo. Shes got guts to call the teacher what she did. Clearly shes gonna be the psychotic character. Just look at her:






Pretty plain for an anime character. Quiet, no friends, calls her teacher something to his face then her eyes intimidate him…definitely gonna be a psycho.



I’m really not sure if it’s worth watching. Maybe I’ll just read the manga instead.



What do you think?


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