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One day while I was tidying the ladies accessories section in work, I came across this set of nail lacquer.



2013-04-07 19.29.54



2013-04-07 19.31.15



For the whole month I resisted buying it, telling myself that I didn’t need it. Yesterday, I finally gave in and bought it with the voucher I had to spend in the store. I still have money left on it which I’m saving for if I find a top to go with my new mint coloured jeggings (I hate jeggings but I loved the colour and they don’t really look like jeggings to I got them).



Anyway, the colours would be perfect for a certain design that I did on a womans nails during the nail bar a while ago.




I gave it a go earlier. I was thinking of using my striping tape to make the silver lines but my ear-piercing course is on Friday and I didn’t want to have to use it when I’ll probably have to take it off for the course.



The polish is thicker than I thought. It takes a while to dry so it ended up taking over an hour to do all my nails (it could have been done quicker but I was reading manga online while I waited for each bit to dry)


2013-04-08 20.20.07 2013-04-08 20.18.05 2013-04-08 20.20.52



To be honest, I’m not really that happy with my nails. I think it looks better using grey colours (you can see the picture with the grey version in the post on the nail bar) . The lines are messy because my hands are shaky and I had to use a striping brush that I bought to do the lines (stripes aren’t really my strong point)



Oh well, it will have to come off before Friday anyway. At least I have new colours to use now =]



I have to go to town in the morning to ask a few questions about Fridays course so I’ll go to bed for now.



Byebye (^.^)/



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