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Today, I was planning to head to Sallys to check if I needed to bring someone with me to pierce their ears for the test at the end of the course. Well, I ended up just phoning. It’s way too cold outside. If the breeze stopped it might be ok but I wasn’t walking to town in the cold.



I bought the jumper in Internationale (yay something from my wishlist). My jeans/jeggings (whatever they are) are from TK Maxx. Only £12.99. Loving the mint colour. I always end up wearing something black because of work so these are a nice change.



2013-04-09 11.38.56



Our only full length mirror is partly blocked by the bed =[ You can still stand on the floor but it’s too close to take a photo. Oh well, it still works when you stand on the bed so it’s ok!



I hadn’t thought of it before but, I don’t have any shoes to go with the mint colour. Guess I’ll have to buy some ^.^


5 thoughts on “OOTD

      1. they work well on the mood. I like white trousers a lot, there must be at least 5 of them in my closet 🙂

      2. Wow thats a lot. White trousers would be so easy to dress up because any colour would go with it. Knowing me, a white pair would get stained quickly ^.^’

        I think I want a pink pair. Or a wine coloured pair. I’m going on holiday in August so I want lots of bright coloured trousers to bring with me.

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