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Cuteness Overload




Today, I went over to my sisters after work. It was hard for us to find times to meet this week because of work/her plans for each day.



I got a txt to say Anton had said I had a suprise or present for him. She told him she didn’t think I had but he said “Yes, Natalie says yes!” and made a cute face. Of course, I went into the closest shop to buy a 10p mix. Don’t you love how easy it is to please a small kid with such a little suprise?



For the 2 hours I was at her house, I was showered with suprises kisses, cuddles and the words “I love you” by Anton. Seriously cute. He doesn’t give kisses easily any more so I was unbelievably happy. We would be sitting all cuddled up and the next minute he would turn to me and give me a kiss. Sometimes multiple kisses on my shoulder and lips.  Afterwards, he would do the cutest smile.



He sat on my knee to face me for a while too then just look and say “I love you” just out of the blue. I said it back and said he was so gorgeous. What did he say? “No! I’m just cute!” “Oh you are cute!” “Nyeah!” *cute wrinkled nose face*



He told me he would like to go out somewhere with me some day. Where though, I have no idea. Asking him where did not help. He wouldn’t answer ^.^’



I even got to take photos with him today! It’s so hard to get a photo of him because he constantly moves so this was like a privilege.



I wasn’t at my sister’s house for a long time today but it seriously made my day. That kid is just overflowing with cuteness!



I can’t wait to see him again tomorrow. (Callum too of course. He’s such a wee monkey these days but sooo cute)




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