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Ear- Piercing

This morning I went to the ear-piercing course. We had been told over the phone that we did not need a model – we would be piercing each others ears.



I arrived to find out that was wrong. Only one other girl had arrived so we both tried to phone people to be our models. In the end, I had to ask my mum. Luckily, she came to be my model. There were only 5 people taking the course today. Having a small class made it easier to pay attention.



Our teacher showed us how to set up our guns and we went through the whole process. We were taught what to look out for such as scar tissue and how to work We were told to do everything in a specific order. It can’t be done in any other way. We got to try out loading our guns first. It’s so fiddly! Once we got everything set up, we were given cardboard ears to practice on. One in the lobe and one at the top of the ear.We didn’t have to make a dot for where we wanted to pierce it because it wasn’t a real ear. It made it harder though.  I moved the ear a little when I was doing the top one so it went in a bit further than it should have. Real ears wouldn’t be able to move so it won’t be too bad.



2013-04-12 11.23.24



After practicing on the fake ear, it was time for the real thing! One girl didn’t have a model so we both did one ear each on my mum. To pass the course we only needed to do one ear. Pretty easy, right?



I let her choose which pair of earrings and explained the after care process. The teacher had to watch me load the gun and how I held it at the ear. I had to work around the scar tissue so the hole had to be made a little higher than it normally would. My test was over in a matter of seconds. Next, the other girl had to pierce the ear. Luckily for her, she didn’t have to load the gun since she would be using mine. We both passed =]



Light blue crystal in the middle. Love the colour of the crystal

2013-04-12 11.23.36



Altogether our course only lasted about an hour and a half.



I get to pick up my certificate in 2 weeks. Before piercing anyones ears, I have to check with the local council if I need a licence to go around doing it and also have to get insurance, just in case a customer tries to complain.



I’m glad I did the course. After I get the insurance and all sorted, I can go and get a bit of extra money by doing this ^.^



I’ve got plans for the rest of the day so I’ll go now. Enjoy the rest of your day



Byebye (^.^)/

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