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Today, I babysat Callum and Anton for a while. I asked Anton if he wanted to  go to the shops with me when mummy got back. “Yes yes yes!”



Callum and my sister both aren’t well so it would give them both time to rest without Anton jumping about too. Anton was so good the whole time I was babysitting. He even chose what he would like to wear to go out with me and what shocked me the most was that he would let me change him!



Callum went to bed while I was babysitting. Poor thing was tired and crying with his teeth and because he isn’t well =[



As soon as Katie came back, Anton went to super excited mode and was running about saying “oh yea oh yea” because he knew we were going out. He couldn’t wait to get out the door to the car. I had to make him go back inside to say bye.



Our first stop was my work. I found a spider man watch there yesterday and told him I would buy it. We saw one of the girls I work with. Last time Anton saw her he would barely look at her and barely spoke. Today? Well, he loved her. He was talking and playing and holding her hand and told her she was pretty! He showed her his Ben 10 socks and Batman t-shirt. Oh! He told everyone he was Sonic the Hedgehog and shouted “Scooby Dooby Dooo!” to everyone he saw. The amount of looks I got from customers in work was unreal. It was pretty funny though. Quite a few of my work friends gathered round to say hello. He was the center of attention. Obviously he loved that. Una asked if I was silly (I called him Anton instead of Sonic) but he said “No!” He told everyone that he liked me the most and that we’re best friends and that he loves me. It makes me unbelievably happy to hear him say that.



Unfortunately, the Spider Man watch was gone. He did settle for a Thomas the Tank Engine watch instead which was good. Whats even better is that it makes sounds (which I only discovered when we got back to my sister’s house). Next, we went to find a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in work. There were no jeans left in age 5! I definitely saw some only days before in work. Btw, he’s only 3 but he’s so tall that he needs clothes for 5 year olds. Wow. A couple more years and he’ll be my height ^.^’ We found a grey and cream striped top for him in work. Of course, he talked away to 2 of my works friends as I bought his presents.



He was behaving so well even though he was tired. I couldn’t believe it. He hadn’t complained once. We went to Home Bargains where we ended up buying a huge bubble bottle. He chose the colour and asked to carry it. Sure, why not. Next shop? New look. Time to look for a pair of shoes for me! He was so happy helping me pick a pair. So honest with his opinion too. He chatted away and told me “Try another pair”. I think I have found my own personal shopper. I gave up in the end. I couldn’t find a pair that I liked (and could walk in)



Back to buying stuff for Anton! He had told me he was tired so I asked if he wanted to go have a wee sleep/go home. “No, more shops!” As long as he was OK with it, we would continue. We went to Discount NI. Everything he saw “I need this!” or “Can I just hold it?”. “Ehmmm no, what about this?” I would say and point to something else. In the end, he chose:


  1. George pig hand mit for the bath
  2. Toy Story felt board and characters
  3. Ben 10 sticker set with a sticker book
  4. Chalkboard with a set of chalk and eraser
  5. Egg that had a suprise and sweets inside


The woman at the till even commented how he was being spoiled today ^.^’



Next, we went to Dunnes. I was determined to find a pair of jeans. Finally, Anton asked for ice cream. Of course I got him one. He let me have a bite ^.^ I had forgotten how much I liked the flavour I got him until I had a bite. We didn’t find any jeans that would fit him in the end but we did get another t-shirt. I let him choose it himself. Blue and cream stripes. It looks so nice. He will look so cute in it! I haven’t seen him so well-behaved in such a long time. I honestly couldn’t believe it. He must have been so happy to be getting special attention from me. He couldn’t forget about Callum though. He even suggested we buy something for him too. I had spotted a couple of really cute things for Callum but I wanted to spend today purely on Anton so I resisted the urge to buy anything for Callum.



We went back to my work quickly where Una opened the watch for me so Anton could wear it. He knew we were going to go home in a few minutes. Before we even left the shop, Anton fell asleep. He really did well to stay awake so that he wouldn’t miss anything. Good job Anton ^.^



I have a bit of a confession. I saw that he was asleep and was holding his half eaten ice cream so I took it out of his hand and finished it for him….



Anyway, I had forgotten how heavy that child is. I can usually lift him easily because he jumps up to help me but when he’s asleep its like I’m lifting 2 of him at once! As soon as I took him from the pram, the pram tipped backwards! My roll of wrapping paper made a daring escape across the car park. He woke a little when I strapped him in and told me he wanted his ice cream. Shoot. “Oh sweetie you ate it all then you fell asleep.” Thank goodness he believed it then fell back asleep.



I made myself look so silly in the car park. Have you ever seen people trying (and failing) to fold down a pram in a car park? That was me. I spent a few minutes trying then gave up for a minute. Tried again and it worked. Thank goodness. Guess it’s my pay back for taking the ice cream and then lying to a child about it.



Back at my sisters, we spent time playing with each of his new toys. Happy Anton, even though he was so sleepy. Callum wanted to join in so he screamed like a monster when he couldn’t get his way.



I ended up staying for bath time withboth boys (which was easier than I expected) then made Callums bottle, fed him it then off to bed he went. Anton appeared and sat on my knee then gave me a kiss. Such a wee cutie! He said thanks for all his presents too.



2013-04-19 18.59.30 2013-04-19 18.58.24



I had to head home because Chris and I have a chinese every Friday and it was way past our usual eating time. Such an active day but seeing Anton so happy was great. Lets hope he stays that happy tomorrow.



I need to go try on my 3 dresses and pick the one for Callums christening. I did have one picked but since I couldn’t find any shoes for it I’ll have to either wear grey heels or pick one of my ‘back up’ dresses.



Byebye (^.^)/


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