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Callum’s Christening

So, yesterday was Callum’s christening.



I got a call early in the morning asking if I could come over to help my sister since her, her boyfriend and Callum all weren’t well. I played with the kids for a while and tidied the house. Callum was being cute and crawling over to me and giving me a hug quite a lot. Anton came to give me a hug/kiss too. I also picked up the christening and birthday cakes. My reward? I got a sneak peek at them when I went to collect them =]



I got home an hour and a half before Chris and I were planning to pick up my sister Naomi. I pretty much rushed to get ready. I hadn’t even decided on my dress!



My 3 choices were:


2013-04-19 23.34.10


I tried them on so you could see them better.


2013-04-19 23.39.37


2013-04-19 23.36.45


2013-04-20 16.43.22



In the end I wore my navy dress with grey heels for the main christening. I changed to converse for driving and kept them on for the meal. I think my heels still in my car actually…


My grey shoes. How was I supposed to hide that bruise?

2013-04-19 23.48.25



Excuse the mess on my bed in the photos. Naomi was behind me in that last photo wrapping our presents 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave for the christening (in the picture with the navy dress).



Since it was an occasion where everyone would be trying to look pretty, I wore make up! I used to always wear it but I usually never wear it anymore. I got lazy ^.^’  I had to rush to put it on though.


2013-04-20 16.42.57



Of course I wore my bow in my hair.


2013-04-20 16.43.10



Callum was so cute. His outfit made him look like a little sailor. He was all smiles too. Anton came to sit with us during the christening. He kept talking and laughing. He was pulling at my brothers face at one point. My brother, his 2 kids and I all kept trying to tell him to stay quiet. It kinda worked. Beside me, Dad and Chris were sitting having a laugh between themselves.



We got a few pictures taken before heading to the meal. I had to bribe Anton into getting a photo with me. As soon as the photo was done he asked for the suprise. “We need 1 more first then you can have the suprise.” As soon as that photo was taken, he squiggled until I set him down and he went straight to my bag and crouched down waiting to see what was inside. Thank goodness I brought some chocolate with me. My nephew Oliver was too shy to talk to me the whole time. I was pretty determined to make him talk to me before the meal was over.



I drove Naomi to the meal in Loughall. It was such a windy road! Dad followed behind. He wasn’t staying for the meal but was dropping off Katie and the kids.



Our meal was in the Famous Grouse. It’s actually quite nice. It has a little house for kids to play in which was great since we had to wait for quite a while before going into the room my sister had asked for. While we waited, a waitress came to take our orders. I told her what I wanted only for her to turn to my sister Naomi and ask “Would this girl like a kid’s meal or adults meal?” while pointing at me. What? Did she not hear my order? Both my sister and I just looked at each other, confused. After a pause, Naomi said “Uhm…we’re both 21” We weren’t sure what was worse, the waitress thinking I was young enough for a kid’s meal or the fact that she thought my TWIN sister was old enough to be my mum or something. It did make us all laugh though. Guess when I’m 40 I’ll look good ^.^



Finally we went into the room for our meal. I fed Callum so Katie could get sorted. That child is such a starvo. His wee pot of food wasn’t enough. He ended up with chips from Anton’s plate. I had creamy garlic mushrooms for my starter and main course was sirloin beef, mashed and roast potato with gravy. Vegetables were also passed round. Yum. Oliver sat opposite me and kept looking at me but wouldn’t speak. He did nod though if I asked him a question and smiled a couple of times. I was getting somewhere!



Everything was going well but suddenly I heard Anton saying he felt sick and that his tummy was sore. He was crying and everything and wanted to go home. I felt so bad for him. I thought he must have caught the thing that Katie and Callum have. He sat cuddling Katie for a while then she got 2 chairs and made it so that he could lie down on them with a blanket for a sleep to make him feel better. Oliver and Benjamin kept asking if Anton was ok. Poor wee guy =[



After we had finished, we sat chatting for a while. Benjamin talked away to me but Oliver wasn’t so sure. I went to see Anton who was still on his makeshift bed and 2 seconds later Benjamin and Oliver appeared to see if he was OK. I asked Oliver if he wanted to stand where I was and he nodded so I moved over. After a while Anton was up and running about again. Maybe he was so hungry that when he ate his tummy ended up sore..or maybe he had too much orange juice. Who knows. I was so glad that he was alright again. I asked Benjamin if he wanted to play a game on my phone and he did. What happened? Oliver came over and asked “Natalie, can I have a go after Ben?” He spoke! “Yes you can have a go next.” After that, Oliver talked away to me. I had won!



During the whole meal I could hear Ben and Oliver asking about cake. Weren’t they happy to get some! The birthday cake was brought in and Anton got to blow out the candles. He was having so much fun. I was glad. I thought he might have felt left out because it was a day for Callum but he got to play with Ben, Oliver and his friend. We ate the christening cake and left the birthday cake to be brought home. I hadn’t been able to finish my meal but cake? There’s always room for cake. One slice, two slices. Wee cup of tea. By now my belt was off. Spot the fattie =D After debating whether I should or not, I got my brother to pass more cake over. His wife laughed and said it must run in the family since both him and I were eating lots of cake. It was the same at Anton’s birthday a few months ago. He sat close to the cake and kept asking me to get him more slices. It was so yummy!



We left for home quite late so my brother made me drive behind his car the whole way to my sister’s house. We were bringing my sister, her boyfriend and kids home between us. Back at my sister’s house we gave her Callum’s presents and Anton decided to make a party in the living room. he was having the time of his life. It was way past both of their bed times so I was suprised they were in such good moods. The music channel was put on and Anton invited us all to his party in the living room. We danced with him for a bit before he went to bed. Naomi and I changed Callum for bed while Katie got Anton ready. Naomi asked “Do we open the poppers (on the shoulder) before putting this over his head?” It made me laugh. How else are you gonna make it fit over easily? Sure, you could put it on with them closed but it would have been a lot harder. Ah, Naomi you make me chuckle.




Guess what? I was given 2 more slices of cake to bring home. Lucky me! One was actually for Chris. He didn’t come to the meal. My sister had forgotten about him when she was booking the meal. He was offered to come along anyway because they could make space for him but Chris decided to decline. Why? I only learnt his reason when I got home. He thought he would have to pay for his meal and he hadn’t brought money with him. He told me if he knew it was paid for he would have gone. Oh well, your loss this time Chris. I got to eat enough cake for us both =]



I told Chris I brought cake home and he was so happy…until I added “for me and me.” I was gonna give him the slice of christening cake since I had already eaten 3 slices of it and then I would have the slice of birthday cake but….the christening cake slice was really big and nice looking so I ended up cutting both slices of cake in half so we could have part of each cake. We saved it for breakfast though ( I know, I’m so unhealthy) with a nice big mug full of tea. I was completely wrecked when I got home so I went pretty much straight to bed.




I wish there were events more often. I wonder which one is next….


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