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Callum Is One!

It’s Callum’s birthday!



I really can’t believe he’s one already. The year has flown by! I was telling all of my work friends today. They couldn’t believe it either.



I got a call from my sister just as I was finishing my dinner. She asked if I would like to come over for tea and cake for his birthday. CAKE! I quickly washed my dishes and hopped into the car. Poor wee Anton was waiting for me to come. He’s got a temperature right now. I feel so bad for him being ill. I had wanted to see him all day just to give him a hug because he isn’t well.



My sister gave me a lollipop as soon as I got into her house. It was to give to Anton as if I had brought it over for him. Why? He kept asking if I was bringing him a suprise to make him better. I sat with him for a few minutes then he went to bed.



Callum was smiling away. I could see why. The whole table was filled with treats for a birthday party feel. Apparently he ate so much. To be honest, I could believe it. He eats all the time lately. I sat down beside him and took a sweet. His eyes lit up. He thought he was getting some of it. At one point, he pulled my arm over to him to try to get a chicken goujon out of my hand. I shared it with him in the end so that he wouldn’t cry.



He was in such a good mood even though it was way past his bed time. He kept waving and saying bye-bye and smiling because he thinks he’s so funny when he does it. It is cute to see.



The cake was pretty good. I fed Callum a couple of pieces since he was watching every bite I took. His eyes when he saw my fork coming towards him looked like a child who had just found all of the presents Santa had left for them on Christmas morning. Callum even fed me part of his bun. Such a cutie. I’m glad he knows how to share.



We went into the living room to let him sit for a while in case he was sick from the amount he ate. Thankfully, he wasn’t sick. He gave me a cuddle out of the blue =] It’s so nice when a child can crawl because they come to you when they want you or just to give you a cuddle or kiss.



Soon enough, Callum was heading to bed too. Anton heard me blow my nose and started shouting down the stairs “You need a tissue? I have one for you! Here it is!” I had to go up to him (couldn’t really ignore him and leave him standing at his safety gate waiting to give me a tissue). Even though he’s sick he wanted to look after me. Isn’t he a lovely kid?



My sister made me a goodie bag to bring home to share with Chris. She also gave us 2 slices of cake and some jelly. Chris and I had been planning to watch a movie so the treats were going to come in handy…well they would have but neither of us could think of a good movie to watch so we ended up not watching anything.



It was only a short visit but it was nice being able to spend a little time with Callum on his birthday. Hopefully Anton is better soon.



I’m pretty tired so I’ll go to bed.



Do you know any good movies that Chris and I could watch? We’re thinking of watching one tomorrow/Friday but just don’t know what to choose. Maybe a funny one?



Let me know



Byebye (^.^)/


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