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Blanket Fort!

Remember when you were a kid and a blanket fort was the best thing ever?



Well, today I decided to make a blanket fort for myself and Anton. Callum was in his cot for a nap and I was sleepy. I knew Anton was sleepy just from looking at him too but he wouldn’t admit it. I had thought of getting his bed stuff and we could lie together downstairs and then I remembered that Katie and Anton lay in bed one day when she wasn’t well and they had treats. That’s when the idea of a fort popped up in my head.



Off I went to get his bed stuff, blankets, pillows, spare bed stuff…everything we needed. I brought the dining tables chairs into the living room. Anton hadn’t noticed until he saw the chairs. “What you doing?” “I’m making something really cool, want to help?” “Yes!” He brought in all of the stuff that I had taken from upstairs and set them in a pile. First, we lay blankets down for us to sit on and added the pillows/cushions. He was getting more and more excited. He looked like he could just die from happiness when he saw the bed stuff being draped over the chairs to make the fort.



2013-04-27 14.49.55

Door down? We’re in our own world now =]

2013-04-27 15.32.05


He climbed in and covered himself with one extra blanket. I brought some toys from his room and of course, we needed yummy food! The chocolate apple slices we made earlier came in handy! As soon as Anton saw the food he did a huge smile and said “Wow!”


2013-04-27 15.02.58


We got all cosy in the fort (after pretending to knock to see if I could come in) and watched T.V in the fort while we ate. We ended up playing and made a video for my friend Kate so he could tell her he loves his ‘house’…and her.  “You read me a story now?” “Ok, which one would you like?” We ended up reading one of his Thomas the Tank Engine books. He decided to finally lie down for a sleep. After giving me lots of hugs, kisses and saying “I love you” many times. We ended up falling asleep together all cuddled up with him resting on my arm. I haven’t had a nap with him in ages… maybe for about a year. So cute!



I woke up almost an hour later and only seconds after waking I heard this loud thud in Callum’s room. He loves trying to climb out of his cot lately so I panicked. I had to try to get out of the fort without waking Anton who was still sleeping on my arm and was cuddled right up to me) and without knocking anything over. As soon as I was clear of the fort I ran up the stairs, hoping he hadn’t fallen. There he was, standing in his cot, throwing his toys out and laughing away. Thank goodness it was only that. He’s such a monkey.



I took him down the stairs and into the kitchen. I didn’t want him to wake Anton. I fed him and we played for a while. I tried to tidy up a bit but it really didn’t look that great. I was starting to think Katie would kill me when she got home. After all, where would they eat their dinner? All the chairs were being used to hold up the fort.



Soon enough, Katie came home. Callum was so happy to see her. He has the cutest smile. She played with him a little after checking Anton. Now the hard part started. Callum had seen Anton sleeping in the fort. Where did he crawl? Yup, straight for it. He was planning on waking up his brother. He kept looking at me to see if I would react to him. I just followed. Thank goodness Callum got distracted by Anton’s leftover crisps. Not for long though. He crawled into the fort….



Anton woke up and came out. He had to show mummy his fort. He came out to get a yogurt but insisted on eating it in his fort. I think that will be our new game. Forts are so cool. It reminded me of when I was a kid. I told him we will make a big one another day.



I actually had to save this as a draft just before I was finished because we were heading to the cinema to see Ironman3. Seriously, it’s amaing. Go see it.



Byebye (^.^)/


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