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Thinking Back

Lately I’ve been thinking. Back when I was a teenager, I couldn’t leave the house without make up. I would spend half an hour just putting it on before school. I even got up 3 hours before I had to leave so that I could spend time straightening my hair until it was perfect and then make sure my make up was perfect. I spent a year growing my hair then went and got it cut off before finishing my GCSEs. I got my first pair of designer glasses (I still have the same glasses now. Well, new frames but they’re the same design as my old ones)



How I looked when Chris and I began our relationship

at 16



That was the beginning of the changes. Between 16 and 17 I went through so many changes to my hair. I was starting a new school where there were no rules on what colour you had to have your hair so guess what I did? Yup, got my hair cut short (imagine how short it was when it was curly if it was only to my shoulders when it was straight) and put crazy colours in my hair.


oh the brightness


It didn’t look as bright when I wore my hair down

16 edit



I also had purple and green at some point. It changed every few weeks because the dye came out so quickly. Oh and most of the time, it was a combination of colours. Sometimes pink and blue, sometimes pink blue and purple or green and pink.



Sure, dying the front part wasn’t so bad but then what did I do? I went against Chris’ advice and dyed my hair black. Of course, the crazy colours stayed. Eventually I was told I had to stop because my hair would fall out. That left me with black and blond (thanks to having to bleach anywhere I wanted the bright colours) I had to get my hair cut up to my shoulders to get rid of most of the damaged hair. The process of growing the rest out was long and painful. I didn’t get rid of the last of the blond until I was 19.


 At 17


Thankfully the black faded to look dark brown after a while so it wasn’t so bad. at 17 edit


As much as Chris hated my ever changing hair (he now says I looked like a clown) he didn’t stop me. He probably got a shock when he saw my hair after I dyed it with bright colours. His face when he saw the black…..


At 19: Make up disappeared (most of the time) and I began to let my hair grow again.




Now, I only wear make up for events, my hair has grown pretty much right down my back and I don’t dye it.



Anyway, I’ve been thinking that I want pink back in my hair. Of course I won’t do it. Work doesn’t allow bright colours and it would be a huge pain to keep dying it. Oh and I don’t ever want blond back in my hair. I’ve learnt my lesson. As long as I don’t go grey really early, I won’t use hair dye.




I also think I want to start wearing my make up more often. Not wearing make up is good because I don’t have to spend ages making sure it looks perfect or have to worry about if I have black under my eyes from the mascara/eyeliner. Oh and my skin can breathe all the time. What I don’t like though, is standing beside people who look amazing and have their make up and hair all done perfectly. It makes me look pale and ill in comparison. I don’t think I could keep up with the cost of foundation if I wore it all the time but using it every now and then might be ok =]





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