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One Brave Calf




The weather was so nice today!



I was heading to a cow auction with my dad and his friend this morning and was told to ”make sure you wear something warm.” Ehm…ok?



I decided on uggs, leggings, demin shorts then a long-sleeved t-shirt and a shirt. Warm enough.



2013-04-30 09.32.47



We went to pick up my dads friend then drove to my uncles to change over to the ‘van’ with the trailer before setting off.  We went into a café for breakfast since we had plenty of time before the auction started. We ended up getting 3 fry’s and some tea. Real healthy, huh?



We went in to look at the cows before the auction started. Dad was looking for calves. They were kinda cute but they smelt awful. They were all in little stalls so I felt a little bad for them. More came in while we were looking. Now I started to panic. Why? They had to walk past me. One got afraid and backed right into me. It stood on my toe (ouch) but what was the worst was that it was covered in poo…. Yup, I ended up with it all over my shorts and leggings. Oh and it nearly knocked me over when it was backing into me.



I hid between dad and his friend every time more had to walk past. It really had frightened me.



We chose a few that dad might bid on. To be honest, I don’t know how people know which one is a good calf to buy. They all look pretty much the same. I like brown cows the most. I was hoping he would get one.



Some of the calves just waiting to be sold



Just as the last calves were coming in and my fear was disappearing again, what happened?



4 calves were walking past me again but the people controlling them decided “lets close these gates and let them stand in here with these people while we have a chat.” Dad was away to the toilet so I couldn’t hide behind him. His friend was close by so I slowly got closer to the wall, hoping none of the calves would come near me. Wasn’t that a silly hope. One brave calf walked right up behind me so I tried to get even closer to the wall I was at and ended up pressed up against it. Like that was really going to help. I couldn’t move anywhere and it was right behind me. Next minute I felt something. It was licking my leg.



Ahh it’s licking my leg!” I squeaked to my dad’s friend. He just laughed. Really? Help me. This thing is licking my leg and I’m afraid of it. I thought it was going to bite. I actually felt it’s teeth a little as if it was going to try to nibble me. In the end my dad’s friend got the calf to go away. Wasn’t I nearly in tears. I had forgotten that I was afraid of cows in the past…until today. That fear has been reinstalled in my brain.



I couldn’t understand a thing that was going in during the auction. It was all just noise and one calf being put in the ring then a few seconds later it was back out and replaced by another. It went on for ages too. I couldn’t believe the price of some of them. £300+ What made it so much better than the others? I felt sorry for the tiny calves. They only went for about £5 or £10 each.



After the auction was over, we had to hurry to pay and get our trailer up to the entrance before the queue got huge. Stepping out into the fresh air was so nice. The sun blinded me. At least it was a good day.



We brought the calves back to my uncles farm. After being so reluctant to get into the trailer in the beginning, they seemed to like it enough to have to be dragged out. Poor wee animals. Needless to say, I hid from them until they were in their new home.



2013-04-30 13.33.12



I went into the area where the calves are kept so that Dad could show me the 6 he bought the week before. Yay there were brown ones. They were nice to look at…until Dad decided to open all of their pen doors so that they could all walk about in the barn….while we were all standing in it. My heart was going crazy. I thought I was going to get attacked by them all. I was so happy to get out of there.



Before leaving, I went to see the pigs. I hate the smell but I had to see the new piglets. They were tiny! Piglets are a lot cuter than calves. Maybe it’s because they’re so much smaller?



8 cute little piglets



As soon as I got home, I had to get out of my outfit. Everything went straight in the washing machine. I even used a wet tissue on my ugg boots to get stuff off them and hung them on the washing line to air them out.



One thing I’ve learnt today is that I will never become a farmer.




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