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DIY Honey Sugar Scrub




I just couldn’t sit still today. After making my potato bake and watching an episode of anime, I decided to use a chocolate face mask I sent a photo of it to a friend and Chris while I waited for it to dry. My friend just made me laugh. She couldn’t stop giggling at it. Chris’ friends all saw it… I hadn’t planned on that happening. Oh well. It gave them a laugh while they were doing their uni work.




Next, I put out washing did dishes and played with Diesel. I had thought of taking him for a walk but he’s too strong for me and I don’t feel like getting pulled and dragged along the ground.



I was still thinking about making body scrubs and found a site that has super easy to find ingredients. I checked and had them all in the house so off I went to make some. The site I used is http://www.freutcake.com/beauty-2/vanilla-sugar-body-scrub/



I used brown sugar instead of Turbinado sugar (I have no idea what that is) and I didn’t have any essential oil so I had to leave that bit out. It was optional anyway.



Both sugars mixed, time to add the rest!
Both sugars mixed, time to add the rest!



It only takes a few minutes to make and it makes a lot so you can give some to friends/family.



Mine looks like this:


It filled this and 2 little candle jars
It filled this and 2 little candle jars
One for my sister
One for my sister – Ignore the bowl (I used it to put the brown sugar in at the start)



I think the one on the site looks better but I shouldn’t really compare them since I used brown sugar.



I’ve used it to wash my hands and it really works. It left them feeling so smooth.



I want to give some to my sister so I’ve been trying to call her to see if she’s at home. So far, she hasn’t answered her mobile so I’ll assume she’s busy. Hopefully she answers soon so that I can call over with it and also ask if she wants to go for a walk since the weathers so nice.



Byebye (^.^)/


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