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Potato Bake

Today I’m off work again. I’ve had Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday off work this week so it’s like having a long weekend…during the week.



I had been trying to decide between making a wrap or something else when I spotted a potato sitting in a saucepan. I decided to attempt making potato bake. I used to eat it when I was a child but had forgotten all about it.



I ended up getting a new potato that was a bit bigger than the one in the saucepan. Back when I was a child there was a sauce for making potato bake but since it isn’t sold any more (as far as I know) I used chicken soup. It would pretty much do the same thing, right?



It’s so easy to make. Just peel your potato (I only used one because it’s only for me) and slice it into thin pieces. Make sure they’re really thin so that they cook well. Add one layer of the slices to a  Pyrex dish then spoon in a little chicken soup to cover it. Repeat until you’ve used all the slices. I only used half a tin of chicken soup so if you have any left over, just dump it in a plastic container and stick it in the fridge.



2013-05-01 11.28.31



I wasn’t sure what temperature to cook it at so I stuck it in the oven at 180°. I thought that leaving it for half an hour would be long enough for it to cook. I did check it every now and then. I thought it might burn so I turned it down to 150°. I think it could have stayed at 180° but oh well.



Just keep it in until you can stick a knife pretty easily through the potato. I kept mine in for 35 minutes. It could have stayed in a bit longer (I had some thicker slices in it) but I was hungry and bored of waiting ^.^’



2013-05-01 12.05.20



It tasted pretty good. I was pleased with my first attempt. Ok a few slices that were thicker could have been cooked more but overall, it was good. It tasted almost the same as the potato bake I ate when I was a kid.



If you want to use thicker slices, boil the slices for a few minutes to soften them a bit before putting them in the dish. I might do that next time. You could add cheese to the top layer if you feel like it.



I might try pasta bake next. It’s pretty much the same thing so it should be easy.




What else could I try cooking?


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