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Chemicals in Nail Polish




I was taking a look down my facebook feed and spotted an article my friend read that interested me. It was on chemicals in nail polish. Since I paint my nails a lot I thought I should read it.



In the article it says:



“The main nasty chemicals found in nail polish?Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), and Toluene. These ingredients can typically be found in many less expensive polishes – scary, I know. On the upside, many big name companies are realizing that their consumers won’t buy polishes containing these three chemicals and have removed them from their ingredients.”



Now if you’re like me, the names of the chemicals won’t really mean anything to you. Luckily, the person who wrote the article went on to explain what the chemicals are used for and their risks.



You can read the full article here.



I’m not sure if it would really cause problems if you’re only painting your nails but I think I should check my polishes, just to be safe.



What do you think about  it?


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