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Applying For A Course




I’ve had lovely early morning shifts at work. I actually like them because the roads are pretty empty when I’m driving to work and the car park is empty so I can park anywhere I like. Another plus is that I get out early so I still have most of the day to do whatever I want =]



Today, I’m filling in a form for the course I want to take in September. I forgot how big a pain it is to fill these forms in.



How am I supposed to remember which examination body was for each qualification that I got 5 years ago?



Theres one little problem for applying. I have to find a referee who has “detailed knowledge” about my studies and experience and can “assess” my potential. Hmm….



I ended up emailing one of my teachers from 3 years ago. Let’s hope she remembers me. She works in the place I’m planning to take the course so it would be really handy if she could give me a reference.



Theres a section to fill in your interests and reasons for the course as well as skills achievements and your plans for after you leave. I feel like I’m applying for a job ^.^’



I decided to write out the whole section roughly first. My tip: Keep it focused on the course you’re applying for. This is a childcare course so I mainly wrote about my interests and spare time activities like working in the church creché and babysitting etc. All that’s left is to get Chris to proof read it before I write it on the form.



Let’s hope I get into this course!


2 thoughts on “Applying For A Course

  1. Good luck! 🙂 I remember how nerve-racking it was applying for my course last year. I hope you’re less stressed about it than I was!

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