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Coconut Yogurt and Honey Face Mask




Today I decided to try out a face mask on Chris.




I had read some home-made face mask posts on other blogs so I figured I’d give it a go. I mixed one tablespoon on coconut yogurt (we didn’t have any greek plain yogurt left but it wouldn’t make much difference anyway, right?)




I added a tablespoon of honey and mixed. I brought it in to Chris who looked and said “That won’t stick, it’ll run everywhere” so I added more honey.




I was suprised Chris was letting me put it on him. He even wore a headband to keep his hair out of the way! Since there was some left over (and I had ended up stuck in work for hours after my shift ended so I was tired) I decided to put some on my face too. It was runny but it you rubbed it in a bit you could feel it becoming more sticky.




We left it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing off.  We started getting itchy because the honey was starting to stick to our skin more. After washing it off, Chris went back to his computer to play games with his friends. What did I hear him say? “My skins so soft!” I had to laugh.




Our skin does feel really soft so it was pretty good. It was sweet-smelling too. I can still smell it actually. It’s not bad as long as the smell doesn’t make you feel a little sick. Chris thought it smelt like sweets.




Maybe I’ll try to make a thicker one next time.




Thanks Chris for letting me test it on you =]


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